Let Wales Shake...

Woof x 

As normal, the headliners doing nothing for me but who cares? Headliners, schmeadliners! We got Field Music, Wolf People, Girl Ray, Julia Jacklin, Laura Gibson. Michael Chapman, Conor Oberst, Angel Olsen. Decent start.

Booked and happy with the lineup so far. I'd love to see Knifeworld on the lineup. One can hope. 

True. And it's bloody cold over here too.

Already making some new discoveries from this morning's announcement. Really enjoying Chris Forsyth's psychy guitar work-outs and like the sound also of Big Moon, Big Thief and Orielles.

Big Moon were one of the highlights for me at EotR last year.  Really pleased they're coming to Crickhowell.

PJ Harvey though!? Get in!  - i've asked for her on every post-GM questionaire since whenever they first did questionaires. Very happy about that.  Bonnie Prince Billy as Thursday headliner next please.

I second the love for PJ. I saw her live for the "Dry" tour and also the "Rid of me" tour. Brillant both times but that's a long time ago. From what I've seen online she's still putting on a great show. Her Glastonbury performance last year looked special. 

I'm going to see Conor Oberst next Sunday purely on the back of being blown away by Ruminations. Much prefer his stripped-down stuff. Apparently there's a new album due out soon from him. 

And speaking of new albums, from what I've heard of the new Hurray for the Riff Raff stuff, their new one is highly anticipated chez Slugger. 

And then there's Michael Chapman, Fionn Regan, Ryan Adams, Lambchop, ... 



Got to be the best first announcement ever.

I've been through some bad shit over the past few weeks and that line-up has certainly cheered me up.

When I first looked at it I though I'd be having a whinge about the execrable Future Islands, but seeing the breath and depth of quality throughout the list, no complaint is possible.

Roll on August ...

I've been looking forward to Ray's response to the Future Islands announcement all day. I've only heard the 'toilet' song to be honest, so I'm reserving judgement for now. They'll offer something a little different though, and there'll be no shortage of alternatives I'm sure. More than happy with today's announcement. I think Ryan Adams will help early ticket sales, and bring in some newbies.

I'm absolutely blown away with the announcement today. Ryan Adams is one of my favourite artists of all time, his music has helped me through some tough times, and I've always said I wanted to see him at Green Man. I was beginning to think it would never happen.

And in addition I can't wait to see Conor Oberst, Field Music, Michael Kiwanuka, Angel Olsen, Lampchop and Sunflower Bean. I'll go and see PJ Harvey if there's nothing on I want to watch elsewhere.

I was hoping for The Avett Brothers but with Ryan, Conor and Lampchop already announced there's not a lot of room left towards the top of the bill for another male fronted alt-country act. We'll see...

I definitely think there's space for Teenage Fanclub though!

I think our must see lists will be similar decemberboy, and Teenage Fanclub would be great for Thursday night.

I'm also hoping to see Pumarosa make an appearance - one of the most exciting new(ish) bands around at the moment.


I don't mind Future Islands - I'll watch them if there's nothing else that tickles my fancy and the frontman puts on a show that's for sure. The 3 headline acts are more to my personal taste this year than they were last year, I didn't watch any last year but I was more than happy with Kieran Leonard, Pictish Trail and Grandaddy. 

PJ Harvey! 

Bloody delighted with this alone.

Lambchop, Angel Olsen, Conor Oberst good news.

Some unknown (to me) stuff to start getting my ears round too.

Justified the early bird tickets, and Mrs Wavey has said that we can go now!

Woop woop!

I wouldn,t normally choose to mock the afflicted but the lead singer of Future Islands needs someone to have a word.The poor lad is to dancing what Kylie Minogue is to Rugby League. He must once have seen Jim Kerr on the dancefloor at a wedding after hitting the Baileys and thought that will do for me.

As for P J Harvey..simply one of the coolest fuckers this neck of the woods has ever produced. Up there with Dusty, Siouxsie and Eric Morecambe. Thank you GM.

What night is Polly headlining? I have a lovely friend who can only do Saturday and Sunday....

It's been reported in various places that Ms Harvey will be entertaing us on Saturday night.

I'm hoping for something loud in the Far Out on Friday night to drown out the sound from the main stage :)


There really isn't much love for Future Islands around here is there? On a tangent -  I picked up Ruminations today and listened to it 3 times,  all the way through. Definitely on my must see list. 

I bought Ruminations on the strength of hearing Gossamer Thin on 6 Music. A really strong album and now in working on his back catalogue Having missed out on Bright Eyes first time around.

I did a similar thing, heard Gossamer Thin a while ago and then the latest track they've been playing and thought "I need to get the album". I was never a big fan of Bright Eyes though, might view it differently now. 

radio 6 have played Barbary Coast (later) a few times so pleased when saw it was by Conor Oberst.  Rumination was on my possible buylist, thanks to the positive messages posted above it is now on my definitely buy list.  Thanks

future islands aren't actually a real band, are they?

well, i just hope that alec baldwin will be taking time off from that gig to do a set in the comedy tent too

Poor first announcement for me but I say this every year and the later announcements usually make up for it. Angel Olsen is the highlight here - PJ Harvey, Future Islands, Ryan Adams etc do nothing for me. 

Hoping for Ty Segall, The Parrots?

Have been playing Ruminations a lot since buying it last week.  After listening to Conor on Lauren Laverne's radio 6 show I am now eagerly awaiting the release of Salutations, the follow up album.  When he comes over in the summer, for GM plus a handful of other gigs, will have his full band.  So much to look forward to.

Now got to check out Ffionn Regan. How will I fit in all the new (to me) music before August?

Heading off to Dublin in a couple of hours for the last show of Conor Oberst's European Ruminations tour. 

I'm not sure how he can improve those songs with the Salutations re-recordings but I'm looking forward to his efforts!

just listened to 'On Kosovo Field' on BBC iplayer.  Really good drama based on writings by PJ Harvey and using her songs in the background.  well worth listening to and challenging knowledge of Kosovo, the people caught up in the middle of the conflict.  Recommended listening but only available for a few more days.

Yorkston, Thorne and Khan have appeared on the 'Line Up' page, as has Pictish Trail (like Johnny wasn't going to be there...). Saw them both last year and chuffed they're back.

if you check on Twitter, it looks like YTK and Pictish Trail were posted by mistake/website error.  Still would not be surprised if PT turned up anyway.