Lazy Music Discovery

Not going to have a lot of time between now and next Thursday to listen through all the bands that are new to me. I'll have a check through the Recommendations thread but is there anybody I should particularly look out for? To give you some idea, the bands I'm most looking forward to are Follakzoid, Teleman, BJM and the Black Angels, and last year my top 3 were Richard Dawson, British Sea Power and Lift to Experience. 

Super, yeah definitely gonna be in the tent for Bo Ningen. 

I don't remember being very keen when Boy Azooga last played, but keep hearing their latest on 6 music and seems worth revisiting. Will check out the other two!

Guessing you're familiar with Bo Ningen and King Gizzard? 

I love Teleman and the stuff I've heard from their forthcoming album sounds fab. 

Yep, definitely looking forward to both. 

The last Teleman album was an absolute classic. Not a weak moment on it.

Thanks for the suggestions on here and on the longer Recommendations thread. Working my way through them first and some good starts. 

I know somebody else said this, but there's not a lot of excitement on Friday is there? Friday pointers particularly welcome!

The best pointer on Friday is in the direction of the nearest bar. I honestly think it's the lamest day of any Green Man I've been to. 

My 'highlights' are HMS Morris, Juanita Stein, Joan as Police Woman (suspect that's my 'on my own' one), and hopefully Black Midi.

I'll pay a bit more attention to King Tuff as I've never known bph to be wrong where GM acts are concerned but this might be the one time I get to explore the delights of the film / literature / comedy areas of the festival.


There's Whyte Horses, and while they're underwhelming headliners I'm still looking forward to King Gizzard. And thanks for the HMS Morris pointer.  

I've got Whyte Horses on the list and hoping the final timings will avoid a clash with Black Midi.

I'm also looking forward to King Gizzard. It's a bit mad to think that they're headlining the Mountain Stage but I have a feeling that they'll rise to the occasion. It's the 'safe' headliners that tend to go wrong at GM ... not the underdogs.


I’m not quite as down on the Friday line-up as everyone else seems to be. I’ll have to catch HMS Morris again as I always enjoy Pete Brown’s beer/band matching in the talking shop to start the day; then it’s Lovely Eggs, Duds and Omni in Far Out, all regulars on Marc Riley’s show, and if Duds turn out to be duds, there’s Eleanor Freidberger on Mountain Stage. Marlon Williams in Walled Garden is one of my must sees (divides opinion here much like his ex Aldous Harding did last year), and I’ll stay there for Insecure Men and Snail Mail, maybe heading over to see Whyte Horses in Far Out if Snail Mail aren’t doing it for me. Still undecided between Susan Sundfor and Floating Points, and quite loooking forward to seeing King Gizzard as I missed them last time. 

Agree on Friday. For me Eleanor Friedberger is the big stand out, surprised there's not more love for her on here.

I'll also be looking out for Lovely Eggs, Ari Roar, Insecure Men and Omni. My son's very keen on J Bernardt.

I’ve been requesting Eleanor Friedberger for years, so pleased to see her on the line-up, though her latest seems to have garnered mixed reviews. Have to admit I’ve still not got round to listening to it yet. Only time I’ve seen her live was quite a while back with her brother in Fiery Furnaces. 

Some love for Friday from me.  HMS Morris, The Lovely Eggs, Thge Hungry Ghosts, Eleanor Friedberger, Marlon Williams (or Wye Oak), Beak>, Whyte Horses (or Snail Mail), Susanne Sundfor seem to provide a pretty good day for me; and maybe able to factor in Perfect Body, Squid, The Lemon Twigs depending on actually timings.

HMS Morris are a definite for me. The more I look at Friday the more I think I might actually be pleasantly surprised. That, or very drunk.

Did not realise HMS Morris have been moved from Sunday to Friday.  Hoping they will still be playing for us Settlers on Monday though.

My Friday is Lovely Eggs,Hungry Ghosts,King Tuff,Marlon Williams,Beak or Insecure Men,Whyte Horses,Susanne Sundfor,then either early night or i might give Gizzard another try[ found them a bit boring in far out] of if i have enough stamina will join Smithers at HMLTD but more likely will be tucked up in bed in readiness for a long Saturday.

friday is a terrible shit show for me

suspect it will be:

hungry ghosts or juanita stein / marlon williams or wye oak or squid / whyte horses / susanne sundfor

and of those, many are only out of desperation if i'm honest

things i'll be avoiding like the plague:

hms morris / j bernardt / amber arcades / duds / ari roar / eleanor friedburger / omni / king tuff / joan as policewoman / beak / insecure men / haze / black midi / dirty projectors / king gizzard / alex cameron / HMLTD


exacting, miserable fucker

there's a fuck load of landfill in that line-up

good luck remembering half of these warblers in a couple of years

Good point though I do feel Eleanor Friedberger is a class apart.

It has kinda become predominantly an indie (broadly defined) festival hasn't it?

if I wanted a moan I'd do so about the dearth of folk and (again broadly defined) Americana (stuff like, in the past, Megafaun, Cave Singers, Richmond Fontaine, Calexico, Jason Isbell, Vetiver, Joan Shelley etc)

Aye, seconded. And I just realised I can't see any James Yorkston anywhere this year. Think he's only missed about one before hasn't he? And Alasdair Roberts, and Trembling Bells. And I usually like seeing at least one Shirley Collins or Roy Harper type act at some point.

And there don't seem to be many (any) acts I'd think of as classics in the Television or Roky Erickson mould. The closest thing to veteran performers seem to be Teenage Fanclub... (!)

It'll still be a great weekend and there's definitely too much to squeeze in on Saturday and Sunday.

Quite enjoying Ed Dowie at the moment. Think he'll go down well in that slot.

agreed on the general shift in focus as far as the booking policy goes

and when we do get 'folk', it's in the form of singer-songwritery stuff like lucy dacus

who doesn't appear to be able to hold a tune in a bucket

which i don't always mind - as long as there's some charisma attached

but no - just endless strumming nobodies

hey ho

as far as eleanor friedberger goes, i liked the fiery furnaces - but her solo stuff is just so bland

good luck humming one of those tunes after a first listen

A lot of mine were best of bad choices.Juanita Stein is a strange one for me because i loved Howling Bells and went to see them many times but her solo material leaves me cold.

I like all the bands in your OP, so if my taste is any help my Friday is likely to be something like...

Lovely Eggs

Eleanor Friedberger


King Tuff

WYe Oak


WHyte Horses

Snail Mail

Floating Points (though I suspect I'll get bored by the noodly bits)

King Gizzard.


Also, you should definitely catch Jane Weaver, hell everyone should watch Jane Weaver, on the Sunday.

Anyone know if Friedberger is bringing a band with her?  Last time I saw her she toured with a 'pickup band' which was basically Field Music, which wasn't a bad thing at all.  Very little north east representation that I can see this year, in a 'storming the Far Out Stage' kind of way, a la Slug, Richard Dawson and the aforementioned FM in recent years.

I agree with Friday being the weakest out of the lot but there'a still plenty for me.

Friday must sees for me: Wye Oak, Snail Mail, Floating Points and King Gizzard. 

People I'm hoping to check out time/clashes permitting: Omni, Eleanor Frieberger, The Lovely Eggs, Marlon Williams, Insecure Men, Susanne Sundfor, Mount Kimbie and John Talabot.