is it cold in greenman?

heillo! i'm japanese.i will come alone from tokyo first time.

now i plan packing list.could you tell me how is temprature in greenman?

do i have to have heavy jacket? because my

iphones weather news tell 15degrees in day.


thanks!  i can wait to go best festival!

I would pack for cold and hot and sunny and wet weather!

Most likely wouldn't need a heavy jacket during the day (may need a waterproof though), but might get cold in the evenings and at night.

If we get a lot of rain it can get muddy, so you'll need some decent footwear, could even buy some wellington boots (google it!) when you get to UK? Keep checking the forecasts.

Its not winter cold in the Uk, but colder than a Japanese summer. 15 degrees is normal here for summer.

Bring a fleece , warm jumper, , wellies!! and a raincoat !! But it will be warm enough for shorts and t-shirt some days as well.

You do not need a heavy coat if you have a warm jumper and jeans on and a good sleeping bag at night. 

thank for your comment.

i'm snensitive to cold,so i'll bring warm down sleeping bag! and ailso raincaoat.

last month i went to fujirock festival that is one of biggest fes in japan,sometime it looks like a typhoon,so i will bring pogoretex jacket and poncho.too.

thanks a lot.

i want to take beer there toon!



The site is glass free but it is ok to take cans and plastic bottles onto the campsite.  Not supposed to take alcohol into the arena area though.

Also got to say, courtyard beer festival!   a selection of over 100 beers and ciders (beer in the courtyard and ciders in the walled garden).  Plenty of different ales, ipa's, porters and beers to sample.  Beware, some are a bit on the strong side.  Might be a bit of a culture shock from what you may be used to in Japan.

really thanks for your comment.

i will not take bottle to camping site and in front of stages!


of course,i will go to beer fes! will drink much.

if we meet there,shall we kanpai!