Hurray for the Riff Raff

Currently playing The Navigator on rotation. Hard to imagine there'll be many better albums this year. Hope she gets on the main stage. Pa'lante as a set finisher will get me weeping. Really life-affirming music. 

Suddenly very impressed and will be looking to buy the navigator with pa'lante.  Did not even realise they were at green man until saw Krasny's post suggesting an appearance at babbling tongues.  Both would be a must see.

My list of 'must sees' is growing by the day and is already worryingly large! These are the latest addition To that list. Perfect for a late afternoon slot on the Mountain Stage. 

Without going off topic, I am getting seriously worried about who i will have to miss due to clashes.  Gonna be like a kid in a sweet shop when I get to glanusk and see the 2017 progr in full.  

Back to hurray for the riff raff, I suspect they will be either in the far out or walled garden stages.  They would be equally good On either and personally would prefer them on a sunny evening in the walled garden.  Just remembering how good Whitney were there last year. 

Walled Garden would be perfect but personally I'd guess they'll be Mountain Stage.

Wherever they are, I'll be there.

Loving The Navigator too. I hope we  get to hear plaenty of it as opposed to a 'greatest hits' festival set.


ta for flagging that up wakestock - I'll watch that when the rest of the family are ensconced with the dreaded Voice this evening.

Isn't it just? Should make for a great festival set. I thought the bass player looked familiar and brief search confirms it's Caitlin Gray who used to play in Jeffrey Lewis' band, so she has played Green Man before. 

had to google that

as so often the case I had no idea what you were talking about

you have so many cultural reference points