How should you eat Welsh cheese?

Rhys: Doctor I can't stop singing 'Green, Green Grass of Home'.

Doctor: That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome.

Rhys: Is it common Doc?

Doctor: It's not Unusual.


Me: "Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a moth"

Doctor: "you need a psychiatrist not a doctor"

Me "I know, but I was walking past and I saw your light was on"

A Welsh lad came home from school and told his mother he had been given a part in the school play.

'Wonderful, 'replies his mother, 'what part is it?' 

The boy says, 'I play the part of the Welsh husband.' 

The mother scowls and says, 'Go back and tell your teacher you want a speaking part.' 


A man goes to the doctor and says - 'Doctor, there's a piece of lettuce sticking out of my bottom.'
The doctor asks him to drop his trousers and examines him.
The man asks - 'Is it serious, doctor?'
and the doctor replies - 'I'm sorry to tell you, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.'