hop farm

can we have my bloody valentine now?

Hah! ... like the sentiment.

It's not good news though is it - they had an excellent line-up too.

Hopefully GM will pick up a few more ticket sales from disappointed Hop Farmers.

And MVB would or course make that even more certain.

I wouldn't say no to Rodriguez and Jimmy Cliff either.

good line up

but by all accounts (and i've never been - so could be misinformed...) the festival itself is soulless

you stand - you watch the band - you go and stand somewhere else

no vibe

we (here on this forum) mostly buy our tickets before the bands are announced

it's the festival that makes the festival, not the line up

and, for all my griping about this that and the other, this one's the best

Stop winding Mr Ray up Krasnyi, if we can't have MBV can we have BoC and/or Beachwood Sparks please, I appreciate I am getting a bit tiresome with my repeated requests.