Help I'm new to this!

Hi - I want to book some tickets for myself and my family for the festival but I am a bit confused.  I have never camped at a festival before let alone taken the kids!  Wondered if anyone would be kind enough to explain things to the newby!?  I realsie it's alot to ask!

We have a small VW-sized camper - would we be allowed to set up an awning? (or we'll be a bit squashed!)

Is the festival from the Thursday or the Friday?  If friday, would we need to pay more or is it covered in the main cost of the ticket?

Assuming we book and pay for a camping vehicle spot in advance, and decided to arrive the the friday - would we be guaranteed a pitch?  or is it a scramble to get he best pitches on the thursday?

Do we need to be off the site on the sun night or mon morning?

Is any of the entertainment under cover at all (just in case of horrible weather!)

Hope someone might be able to help with the above as I'm a bit of a nervous new-comer!

Thanks a million


Hi Richard and family and welcome to the friendliest festival ever!

Not having a campervan, awning or children my answers are going to be limited but I can promise for every question there will be someone here with an answer and no answer is too absurd, unless it's "should I bring waterproofs?"

I'm sure there will be room for an awning...I'd always recommend getting there as soon as possible but more for getting every single drop of loveliness possible from the one of any age should get bored here.

I think you need to be off site by midday Monday...there is stuff undercover but I have never been happier in the mud and rain anywhere ever.

Hope if nothing else this helps with your nerves...



Welcome aboard.

Not that I have a camper van, but I think you'll need to purchase the regular festival tickets, with whatever ones fit the criteria for kids' ages, along with a live-in vehicle ticket, and you're off. That covers you from the Thursday (when food stalls and bars etc open, and limited amount of entertainment begins). You also have the option of a holiday ticket if you want to spend up to three days beforehand, from the Monday, on site as a camping holiday. 

The main Mountain Stage and Walled Garden are open air, as is the wonderful Einstein's Garden, but the second stage (Far Out), cinema, spoken word and comedy stages are in marquees. I couldn't tell you much about the kids/teen areas other than fact there's plenty to entertain everyone, and it's the safest and friendliest festival imaginable. The food and bars are great too. Enjoy

Hi and welcome,

It was our 1st time last year. It was very wet and very muddy! Found shelter in the cinema tent and watched some great old films. Pleanty to do and pleanty of places to chill. Had a fantastic time and my son loved it! (loads for kids to do)

The mud and rain did not put us off and we are going again, Just dont leave home without wellies and waterproofs!


Hello Richard and welcome,

Live in Vehicle field operates as a 'pitch in rows as folk arrive' sort of arrangement - you can also pitch a 4 person tent next to your van if you like, so an awning shouldn't be a problem.

If you want to get the most out of Green Man, it's best to turn up on Thursday; there is still plenty of space to set yourselves up, get settled and explore/get your bearings.....and there's an amazing line-up on Thurs this year.

Thursday evening is also a chance to wander down to the very friendly forum meet at the Walled Garden bar (all welcome) where many of the folk on here have a glass or two to launch the festival... and may be a good place to pick up useful bits of festival info.

Waterproofs and wellies are obviously THE most important bit of kit to pack, baby wipes too...multitude of uses...

The Little Folk area has lots of covered spaces to hang out if we get the odd drop of rain (!!!)

My kids are 9 yr old twins and love it at GM - they have a small backpack to carry, each with snacks, cartons and some bits and bobs to keep them occupied during the day - felt pens, paper, DS, book etc.

We tend to get a flyer on the Monday morning whilst all the stop-outs are still slumbering.

Have a fab festival.



Everyone's really helpful, you'll just go with the flow. And in my opinion Green Man has the best staff/stewards around - you'll be fine, rain or shine! Last year we had a live in vehicle, tent, awning - like lots of others, it's all cool. We'll be there from Thursday lunchtime until Monday morning I guess.

Thanks for your help everyone - you've helped settle my nerves and I've just booked our tickets!! Excited!!!!!

Welcome richard ... looking forward to seeing you there.

Always plenty of room in the live-in field - just tell the stewards you have an awning to put up and they'll leave enough space between you and the next unit. The field actually fills up from the back so if you can't get there early, you'll actually be slightly closer to the main arena but I'd also say the earlier the better as it lets you get set-up and relax into the events of the weekend.