Happy Fest

Hope you all have a great festival people, we are starting our journey early for Monday to make the most of our hols.  I'm sure our paths will cross and I look forward to the dissection afterwards.


We leave at 6am tomorrow morning to catch the early ferry from Dublin. Just heard that it didn't sail at all today due to adverse weather conditions!!! So we may or may not be joining you in sunny Crickhowell tomorrow Carnie. 

Have a safe journey. 


It's windy, a few showers but overall very nice.  Just been through the programme, having a beer and getting ready for some live music.  I hope the ferry was running slugger and you made it safe and sound and you are now enjoying a beer or two.

The programme? THE programme?!

Can we have the Mountain/Far Out/WG set times then to create an accurate Clashfinder????!!!!


Ben x

PLEASE PLEASE Carnie do not reply to Bens questions. The thought of him running around like a small child who needs the loo is way to amusing

Do you think the Settlers have to sign a secrecy clause on entering the Settlement, precluding them from sharing the set times with the heathen who only go to GM for a paltry 4-5 days?


Nah, GM knows that they'll have so much fun teasing and tormenting us, while adopting an air of smug superiority, that there's no need to worry.


Why have I got so much stuff to take? and there is one less of us this year.

Hope to see all of you in the next couple of days.

Have a good time all

The news on another thread confirming that Caribou will take the stage after Beiruit has created two potentially disasterous scenarios - 

1. There is absolutely no way I will now stay awake late enough to see Caribou.

2. Revised timings based on this intel suggests a clash between SKM and James Yorkston, NO!

It would also mean a potential Michael A Grammar / Happyness clash and a potential Daughter / Polica clash, and a weekend wrecking all night disco involving The 2 Bears, so it just cannot be. 

Believe in the Clashfinder - you know it makes sense.


Car packed, kids in bed (but I can hear excited chatter upstairs), glass of wine poured, final checklist in progress....

See you all tomorrow, you lovely folks x

Yes, car packed too. Early start and a 200 mile drive from North Yorkshire. taking the scenic route. Hope to meet some of you tomorrow!