Happy Camping...

Are there different area's to camp?

We are both 29 & no offense but we don't want to be near screaming Babies/Children or silly Teenagers - sorry I feel terrible saying that :( but I am trying to be honest, ideally our age group upwards would be cool :)

Pretty sure there's a 28-30 field, you know what those over 30's are like...failing that there's the old gits area, I'll be there

I find the higher the degree of segregation at a festival the better. I hate all that mixing with different people from different walks of life, different ages, colours, creeds and backgrounds. Ths year I am camping in the "35 year old caucasian, north western blue collar area" it'll be good in there.

you are just on the borderline but I would still avoid camping anywhere near 'Logans Run' as anyone aged 30 or over is terminated on the sunday. 

Anyone who doesnt get that is too young to be in my camping demographic area :) 

Don't camp near us then, wouldn't want my family exposed to that sort of narrow mindedness and poor punctuation.

Why are you turning an honest post into a negative dig!!! I love children, I as simply asking for advice on our preference!!

Oh & so sorry my puncuation is not up to your standard!! Chill out man & smile :)

Hi debsta, they're only having a little fun...don't worry. Half of them stay in b and bs anyway! We usually camp near the river on the way in from the west car park. We come in and get our wristbands sorted then go along the pathway for maybe a hundred yards then peel off to the left towards the fence by the river, away from the overhead lights of course. It's below the comedy and spoken word tents so there's not so much late night noise, and it tends to be a little less cramped than further in. There are loos nearby just behind box office and water on the fence boundary to the next field. It's a little further to walk to/from the stage right entrance to the Mountain Stage, but only by a few minutes. It's also closer to the car park and away from the family area. Could be what you're looking for. Hope you have a good weekend x 

Thanks Heww, yes am sure most are having fun :)

However not sure about Elizabeth McEvoy? niether my husband nor myself consider ourselves smallminded, but hey ho!!

Quite amazing too that she would not like to camp beside us because of my bad punctuation Hahahahaha!!!!!

Thank you for answering my original question Heww & camping near the river sounds perfect.

Have a good weekend too. xx

My rather grumpy (and quite rude, I concede) reply to your original rather grumpy sounding question just goes to show how a poorly worded posting can be misinterpreted....maybe we're both a little guilty of this Debsta - apologies!

I think there has always been a quiet camping area near to where the little Romany style caravans and the Tangerine Fields tents are located, although I don't see any specific mention of it on here this year.

Failing that, General Camping is probably your best bet, maybe further away towards the river where it would be difficult for intoxicated teens to negotiate guy ropes.

Anyway have a lovely festival - it is fantastic and I think you'll find that one of the main reasons for it's success is that folk are super-friendly.

I think you just gave my camping spot away to debsta! Outrage!

I am def too young to be in Spod demographic.

I find its not the screaming babies that are a problem but the twats who talk loudly during sets that are most annoying, in the mornings its the early mid aged risers who start chatting at 7 am who are the problem (wink) Love you really Ben x

Early middle-age? How very dare you!

We had a discussion about set-chatters on here a couple of months ago. 

I feel that GM could easily create cool and funky, inoffensive and non-authoritarian posters and signs for the stage areas suggesting that GM is a place for everyone to enjoy themselves as much as they can. So if you want to talk whilst artists are playing, go to the f***ing back.

I have long regretted never availing myself of a Brakes t-shirts bearing the full, entirely perfect lyrics of 'Hi, How Are You?' on the rear...

For those unfamiliar:



apologies Iusedtobecool....see you there then! No worries Debsta, my 2 daughters and their friends are going (as they have for the last 6 years) and, love 'em to bits as I do, there's absolutely no way I'd camp anywhere near them. Have a lovely time x

I am currently playing my "new" Spearmint cd very very loud to drown out my neighbours arguing (again). Debsta, you never know what might happen, families next you can be either irritating or lovely, a group of 29 year olds who turn up at 10.30pm, pitch their tent in the dark exceedingly close and then start to drink till 6am talking VERY loudly may be worse. Our camping area at Indietracks was very quiet but our friends who wer on the other side of the site really did say that "the all night disco wrecked their weekend"


Its funny that people always imagine that once they are inside their tents no one can hear them talking, shouting, having sex! 


It really is a lottery, so bring earplugs if you need your sleep.

See you there Huw

I arrived very early at Latitude this year and pitched under a tree. It was boiling hot and the shade was very gratefully recived. It all went down hill though on the Friday night when I was woken at about 3 in the morning by the mother of all thunderstorms which passed right overhead. All my dad's warning tales about golfers being struck by lightning and "the last thing you must do in a thunderstorm is shelter under a tree, it's asking for trouble" went swirling round my head as I quivered in my sleeping bag for the next hour and a half.

First year at GM but I can't imagine it's too outrageous in terms of teenagers. Stereotypically the Reading & Leeds sort won't be splashing out over £100 for a ticket for Neutral Milk Hotel, so, fingers crossed, the younger bunch there will be those who just appreciate their music rather than go for the wild 'coming of age' piss-up.

As a general rule of thumb at 99% of festivals the closer you are to the arena (with the exception of Glastonbury) the younger the demographic. On a scale with the younger, late-raving party people nearer the late-night stages and the older, bedtime-story reading families and OAPs back near the car parks, I'm sure you can plan your spot accordingly (akin to your very specific tastes in sharing your space exclusively with likeminded non-screaming 29-year-olds).

That's pretty much spot on my experience, Jarevo. There are big groups of teenagers at GM, but if they were looking for somewhere to wreak antisocial havoc they'd not be coming to GM. Sometimes they get a bit loud and drunk, but so do lots of the middle-aged people.

The least peaceful place I've camped was just behind the main stage, but when I say least peaceful there wasn't really anything wrong with it. Just a few more people than usual drunkenly chatting or singing Bon Iver songs badly on the way back to their tents. If you're further away and off the main walkways you'll get a bit of chatting (or sex noises) if you're unlucky.

The other good thing GM has done is planning enough night-time activity so that people just don't really hang around tents at night, they spend their time up the hill dancing and drinking.