Greenman Solo travellers

Hi all, 2017 is my first time to Greenman and I will be travelling solo! I have been going to Glastonbury for the past 7 years and wanted to try something different. The line up and environment looks excellent. I wondered if there are any solo groups/forums that I can contact people on? Would be great to camp near other solos and get to meet some new people.

Thanks all!

Hi and welcome Mandy. I'm sure you'll love Green Man. It's a walk in the park compared to Glasto ... just a few minutes between any of the stages.

There aren't any regular solo groups / camping areas but there are normally a couple of threads like yours each year where folk arrange to buddy up. Wherever you pitch-up you'll normally have a good mix of super friendly folk around you. 

We always get together for an informal forum meet-up on the Thursday evening so watch out for a thread with the details in early August. It's usually a good mix of regulars and newbies and a great way of meeting a few folk that you're likely to bump into again over the course of the weekend.


Thanks so much for your reply - some useful info, especially the meet up on the Thursday. Really excited. Heard so much about it and I'm glad to be finally able to experience it. I'm sure it's really friendly. I will keep my eye out on here for buddy ups too. 


Thanks again!

Hi I posted something similar a couple of days ago and was referred to your link .... I have been to Greenman before but with a group and this time will be on my own ... looking forward to it so much .. its now my fav fest.. even better than Glasto in my view ... happy to connect up if you want ... 

what looks like highlights to you from the lineup?.... 



Always good to get talking and make friends with your camping neighbours.  Not only will they be good company at times over the weekend but makes your camping area a little more secure as you tend to keep an eye out for each other's possession.