Greenman newbies

HI Forum folks,


Just taking this oppertunity to say hello. First Greenman for us (me, wife, 2 yo boy), shamefully we only live over the hill near Hay on Wye and have never been... boo hiss.

Anyhow, could you enlighten me with some tips/dos donts/must sees/advice that a green man virgin would appreciate?


We're not festival virgins, literally just arrived back home from Camp Bestival, sunburnt, tiered and excited for greenman.



Well, the obvious tips are wellies and waterproofs. We've been going every year since 2007 although this year it's just me and my nearly 10-year old daughter but plenty of experience of being at a festival with young 'uns. Take plenty of snacks. Food isn't cheap and if your kids are anything like mine they don't have the most discerning of palettes so don't waste time queuing for stuff they won't like, let them graze for the weekend. When ours were really small they'd start flagging early afternoon and want to go back to the tent - sometimes this has to be done and you have to accept you won't get to see everything you want. If they're more obliging they'll sleep through the odd set - my son has always found Cate le Bon conducive for a nap and one year I had a fine time down near the front to Fanfalro with the boy curled up alseep at my feet. Don't know if Andrea and Kaytutt will be with kids so won't blether on anymore.

Get there Thursday if you can to get the best pitch and come along to the forum meet in the walled garden where wise old sages such as cyfarthfa and peridot (not ray rad, we're not sure he exists) will regale you with tales of Green Men of yore.

Hope that helps - oh and my usual plug for the wonderful Cwmdu Community tent (formerly Cwmdu School until they closed it down) for tasty breakfasts and cake in the afternoon.

I think Krasnyi has just about summed it up. 

Relax, chill out, go with the flow, talk to folk around you - it really is the friendliest place on earth.

If you have lots of kit with you don't try and lug it all down to the campsite at once, it's a short walk back to the car parks and you may find that you don't actually need it all. 

Bring plenty of wet weather gear and hope that you won't need it.


No kids for me! But I am working there (you might spot me directing cars in the car parks!), so will be arriving Wednesday and hoping the crew camp site will be a good place for camping. What constitutes as a good pitch at GM - where are the best places to camp?

What are the showers/toilets like too? Most festivals I've found it's a pretty horrendous experience - any different at GM?

Good tip re not lugging all your kit to the camping area at once, Peridot - thanks! I can't fit all my warm stuff in my ruck sack so will just leave it in the car for when needed, with my wellies, in that case :)

I may come to your meet-up in the walled garden if I'm not working at that time.

I have my 13 year old granddaughter with us for the entire festival then a range of other grandkids from 7 to 11 coming for various days in between, my Son will be collecting and delivering different ones on Saturday unless of course they all decide to stay for the full event in which case I will be one knackered granny by Monday!

We're bringing our motorhome so won't have to worry about carrying stuff from car parks. Planning to arrive by midday on Thursday and can't wait!

Toilets were very good last year (by festival standards). Showers are very busy early in the morning, but you can normally walk straight in at about 3pm, which is what I tend to do.

We are Green Man newbies too - myself, husband and kids 11 and 8. Not our first festival but our first time here - can't wait!! We are planning to arrive Thursday.. only coming from Caerphilly so also shamefully close by!

And another GM virgin. And one who lives painfully close by. So close that I could even pop home for a nice hot shower. Unless the Crew Camping have their own decent ones. Crew Camping? Well that answers my question on another thread - they really do segregate the alcoholics off. Oh, the shame.

Looking forward to the new experience and meeting up Thurs.