Green Man is thrilled to unveil Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, tUnE-yArDs, of Montreal and KingCreosote & Jon Hopkins as the latest additions to his most exciting and eclectic line-up yet!

They quality quartet lead the latest wave of 30 amazing acts heading to Wales’ beautiful Black Mountains for Green Man’s 10th birthday celebrations from August 17-19.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks follow-up their brilliant Beck-produced fifth album Mirror Traffic with a UK exclusive festival appearance at Green Man 2012. As lead singer with Pavement, Stephen needs little introduction: expect a slew of slanted and enchanted guitar wig-outs from the godfather of lo-fi indie.

It’s been a momentous 12 months for New England native Merrill Garbus – aka tUnE-yArDs. Backed by bassist Nate Brenner, Garbus uses loop pedals, drums and ukulele to create a jaw-dropping live spectacle, with second album whokill drawing comparisons to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Bjork and Sonic Youth.

Led by flamboyant frontman Kevin Barnes, of Montreal are musical magpies whose sound has evolved from the psychedelic twee pop of 2005 breakthrough The Sunlandelic Twins into a heady mix of Prince and Bowie-inspired electronica, funk, glam, and afrobeat. Miss this spectacular Far Out headline slot at your peril!

Green Man legend King Creosote returns in the form of his life with long-time collaborator Jon Hopkins and the Mercury-nominated Diamond Mine - one of the most unashamedly heart-warming albums of 2011. The duo’s much-requested appearance at Green Man 2012 is guaranteed to be one to savour…
Remember, Green Man still has TWO great top-secret main stage headliners up his sleeve for his big 10th birthday bash - we promise you won’t be disappointed! In the meantime, get your chops round the latest amazing additions joining Sunday night headliner Feist at Green Man 2012:

Michael Kiwanuka Timeless modern acoustic soul from the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll winner - a welcome return after last year’s brilliant Green Man debut.

Field Music One of the most consistently original UK guitar bands of the last decade. Brilliant new album Plumb crams 15 songs into 35 breathtaking minutes.

Friends One of the best new bands of 2012 - sassy, infectious, girl-fronted percussive indie pop from Brooklyn, named after the cult Beach Boys album.  

C.W. Stoneking Aussie bluesman and must-see live performer whose ragtime, vaudeville-inspired music sounds as if it could have been recorded 80 years ago.

Willy Mason The much-loved US singer-songwriter shot to stardom in 2005 with his magical debut Where The Humans Eat. His new album is due later in 2012.

Three Trapped Tigers Phenomenally powerful trio who meld beautiful melodies, visceral slashes of guitar, duelling synths and textural electronica.

Trembling Bells 21st Century troubadours who joyously synthesise traditional folk with country romanticism, medieval music and the swagger of classic rock.

TOY Psychedelic krautrock and punk-inspired London five-piece enthusiastically endorsed by The Horrors and hotly-tipped for success in 2012.

Gang Colours Woozy comedown synths, off-kilter beats and heartfelt lyrics from this talented 24-year-old Southampton producer championed by Gilles Peterson.

The Pictish Trail Johnny Lynch, co-founder of Fence Records and one half of Silver Columns, returns with a new album of acoustic balladry and synth-pop.

Cold Specks Soulful Canadian singer steeped in the musical traditions of the Deep South, with a voice that evokes the visceral tones of Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Laura J Martin Loop pedal-loving singer, flautist and multi-instrumentalist whose enchanting debut album The Hangman’s Tree was released last month.

PLUS!Yet more bang for your buck with must-see sets from: Stealing Sheep, Treetop Flyers, Seamus Fogerty, Georgia Ruth Williams, plus more great acts, comedy, literature, film, Einstein’s Garden, and lots lots more are still to be announced!!

Oh wise Green Man that will do nicely to be going on with. So disappointed to miss out on Field Music on the recent tour, was banking on you booking them, I knew you wouldn't let me down! Kc and JH - had to be didn't it? Well done for getting Michael Kiwanuka back too - have a feeling he won't be playing the pub stage at 3.00 in the afternoon this time around! Pictish Trail - yay!!! Trembling Bells - now they just happen to be touiring with Bonnie Billy this spring - should we read anything into this? Keep 'em coming, it's looking bloody good so far!

Really chuffed with this announcement! Such a great choice- a fair few i don't know but can't wait to find out! : )

Is there an updated spotify playlist yet? Yes I am demanding! Walter!? : )

yup - definitely some good stuff there

tuneyards, KC, of montreal, michael kiwanuka, willy mason, pictish trail all great additions

shame the jicks isn't pavement

just never as interesting as his original band

also, they stayed in our b&b last time they played, and malkmus was a bit of a dick

hey ho

anyway - minor quibble!

trembling bells very unlikely to be with bonnie tho'

they've a slew of dates in the late summer

some of which are with the dreaded mike heron

so hope they're not bringing him to wales with them!

robin williamson yay! mike heron boo!

such an obvious incredible string band equation...

Oh yes you bearded wonder you.  Cannae wait to see Malkatraz...i repeat i cannae wait to see Malkatraz.  I am absolutely loving the new Mirror Traffic album.  One of his best yet.  Tune-Yards to boot....saw her at Cargo in 2009 touring her first album and it was fire.

Don't know much about of Montreal, but hear they put on a stellar show.  They look pretty psychadelic...stay clear of the brown acid.

Michael Kiwanuka was a real treat at last year's festival and has completely blown up since then.  And you do not want to miss bluesman virtuoso C.W. Stoneking.  This dude is a legend and will no doubt charm your tits off.

Bring on summertimes!!!

very pleased with the second batch of acts, some old and new stuff keep everyone happy, 2nd and 3rd headliners to be announced though? who do you think it would be looking at the recent additions? seems like gman has gone for well established and beloved favorites (with the exception of a few acts) over current favorites 2011...fleet foxes, noah and the whale etc...

Mr Ray - What's up with Mike Heron? Feast of Stephen is one of my all-time favourites. Go on tell us about Malkmus at the B&B! I thought he was bloody awful in 2007, making loads of unnecessary and childish remarks inbetween songs that were dreary feedback-laden thrashes as far as I can remember.

...some exciting new additions indeed.

Also more than a couple that I've never heard of, which is a good thing.

I flatter myself that I'm smarter than the average cat when it comes to lesser known musical acts, but Green Man line-ups persuade me that I'm clueless (but eager to learn). One of the joys of GM is that I always leave with a few new CDs of people I'd previously never heard of. GM 2012 - shaping up to be one of the best so far hopefully...

Wonder who these two mystery headliners will be - must be something special I'd guess. Walter would hardly drop such intriguing hints if it was Doves and Spiritualized that they had in mind.


...I once saw Elbow supporting the manic street preachers!

Can you imagine the horror? I think it was Brando's motivation for his death scene in Apocalypse Now.

(Actually Elbow were pretty good - it was around the time of their first album, which is still sounds pretty good to my ears. Of course since then they've rather ruined it by chasing after the coldplay dollars. Hell, I've already confessed to a liking for Rush on this forum - might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb)




I really enjoyed seeing Bright Eyes last year at Latitude Festival but they weren't so well received there. Perhaps there's a place for Conor Oberst at Green Man? Would love to see them again.


Got to say, this is the best set of bands ever announced in one go. Soo good. Highlights are tune-yards, friends and toy. Thank you so much Greenman:) Beirut to headline please?

I'm travelling to Europe around August and its really difficult to decide which festival lineup is the best... You guys know when the third batch of bands will be/usually gets announced?


Do I take it that Mr Malkmus left a gramatically incorrect testimonial in the B&B guestbook back in 2007 :-)

Delighted to see him on the bill and especially thrilled to have Michael Kiwanuka back.


Lots to look forward to in the first two announcements and lots of research to do. I didn't see Conor Oberst at Latitude last year but seem to recall someone mentioning that he was completely smashed.

i wouldn't have said he was smashed, he was pretty intense. I think that's just the way he is tbh. Not suggesting he was squeaky clean but many aren't!  He is just a bit edgy!

Nice work-malkmus,king creosote and john hopkins,the pictish trail,tune-yards,laura martin,all good stuff,a fence artist-seamus  fogarty who i've yet to hear and a few more interesting bits.I agree about malkmus in 2007,a little underwhelming,but i've seen him on good form more times than bad and i presume he'll be headling the far out tent,which will be better,now what about akron family for that saturday night spot.,please.

This has really done wonders for the line up.  I'm just picturing myself lying on the grass in front of the main stage with the sun beating down listening to the soulful sounds of Michael Kiwanuka.  Missed him last year (as I didn't know how good he was until I got home - 6 Music had/has him on a permanent loop).   Also looking forward to King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

Expected Field Music again as they've got a new album out.  Agree with the Beirut comment above (& if there is any chance to feed my Flaming Lips habit again, pretty please...).  Oh yes, someone a while ago mentioned Julian Cope...he'd just...well, I'd be in heaven if he were on the set list as well.

We just need Michael to bring that fantastic weather with him again and we'll be sorted.

some excellent choices, looking forward to seeing king cresote and jon hopkins, recently saw them on there small tour and was blown away, thrown in was even a couple of beautiful covers of tim buckleys song to the siren and simon and garfunkle's only living boy in new york, be great to see what they do in the beautiful surroundings of the sugar loaf mountain. I'm very happy with the line up so far and I'm very exited/nervous waiting for the headliners...(please doves again!!!) and as always as GAster mentioned half the fun is discovering new music, along with enjoying favorites


did you actually type 'doves again' ?

i mean for real?

you didn't just leave your account open while you went to the lavatory and a vindictive friend wandered in?

ray_rad....please rest assured and may all your nights be peacful in slumber when i whole heartedly assure you I do not wish to see doves at greenman again....or any where else for that matter....drunken forum posts are difficult to get sarcasm right! what are your  wise thoughts on who else will be gracing the stage as headliners and other bands to be added soon?

Great new additions...and I can finally post my approval now the box is no longer blacked out! King Creosote, Tuneyards, CW Stoneking, Stephen Malkmus, Michael Kiwanuka, Of Montreal...

Saw Beth Jeans houghton and the Hooves of Destiny last night at Birmingham's best live venue, the Hare and Hounds in downtown Kings Heath. Was a bit of a BJH-sceptic but she completely won me over with a stunning set. A must for Green Man I would have thought. Support was from Birmingham's own Goodnight Lenin (already booked for this year's line-up) who don't do anything remarkably different but they do it well and are well worth catching.

austere winks - thank god, man

you seemed like such a reasonable fellow from the rest of your post

good to know that you genuinely are

i think this sounds cool- I see the Pub is now called the Walled Garden Stage too. I think this is a nice change and sums it up really! : )

Lucy Rose, Mowbird, Chailo Sim (again!) are all sounding nice... Kwes and Vadoinmessico too.

This line up is shaping up really nicely i think : )

CW Stoneking is certainly interesting my eardrums right now! I can see myself now laid out in sunshine quaffing copious amounts of local cider to his tunes

J.R. or not, I still hope for an audience with the Cope.

Also, I heard the most recent Teeth of the Sea album at the weekend - blimey, it's a corker. One not to miss if you're looking to have your third eye squee-geed.

Stealing Sheep anyone? I heard their 'mountain dogs ep' last year - good fun in a low-fi way. Has anyone heard their album?

Would LOVE to see these chaps gracing the line-up too:-

When all's said and done, it's unlikely that GM will manage to get either the zombies or the doors...


I saw Teeth of the Sea play an epic set locally last Friday. They're gonna go down very well in the Far Out Tent, thoroughly nice chaps too!

i was worried when i saw the changed web site and sudden hike in ticket prces, which you now have to buy elsewhere for some reason. after 5 years this is suddenly looking like the corporate bods have moved in and its all going down hill. looking at the lineup im not excited at all, its all americana or experimental or just plain odd. I hope im wrong but i think im going to be spending a lot of time in my tent and this may well be my last greenman. sorry to be a misery and as ive said i really hope im wrong, just being honest.

...but to me this line-up isn't significantly different to the last five years or so.

folk, acid-folk, psychedelia and experimental music is what I've come to expect from GM and it's what I'm seeing on this year's line-up, but I hope they add more names that are more to your liking - it's still early days.

I agree gaster ,the web site changes every year-not a massive deal,ticket prices have gone up slightly but still a bargain,tickets have been availiable elsewhere for a bit now.The line up so far for me is spot on it's got old green man favourites-king creosote and johnny pictish,a whole stage dedicated to upcoming welsh talent and jonathan fucking richman besides the plain odd-what's wrong with odd?I doubt the whole place will be plastered with carling banners,i just expect the same friendly unique atmosphere-i'm interested to know your thoughts on what is needed-music wise?



like i said i hope im wrong, i love greenman and really hope nothings changed. im worried most by upcoming bands not appearing in the lineup . take of monsters and men for example - really going somewhere in the folk scene - where are they? there are a few real talents out there who dont seem to be showing up, that used to be a benchmark of greenman. i know there are other factors involved but my impression used to be this was the place to see bands like this and politics and crap like that wrent involved. dont get me wrong I will be there and hope to have a great time :-)

Don't forget there'll be plenty of further additions to the line-up over coming weeks, we've only had one head-liner so far for chrissakes. Don't worry.

To be honest colin i'm still struggling to get what you mean,but how about these upcoming folks for starters-seamus fogarty,greta issac,georgia ruth,mowbird and laura martin amongst others to try and get you're teeth into.

Personally I think it's shaping up rather nicely, with plenty more to come. Fingers crossed for Lower Dens in the next batch

true there is more to come thats fair enough, I've listened to most bands already listed and i do like them dont get me wrong - I've bought a couple of CDs already. my concern is that normaly I would have bought 10 by now, maybe its just my taste who knows. I look forward to seeing who appears in the next few months I'm sure there will be a Laura marling/Babel/Bon Iver/Mumford/Flaming lips/Avett brothers level show in there somewhere it is only March as Krasnyi pointed out. I dont mean already well known by the way, just a bit special in some way. I dont mind odd either i just dont like odd for the sake of being odd if you know what I mean.

I agree I do not like seeing odd for the sake of it either but I am not getting it at all in this years line-up. It seems well thought out and crafted to me. Green Man has never really been about the headliners for me. It was the acts lower down the list that I have got the most enjoyment from. Last year was a bit dissapointing in that area but not this year. Its the best I have seen it.

I did not really get Explosions as a headliner and there have been others such as Donovan and Doves which I did not enjoy at all. I like Fleet Foxes but it was an obvious  booking and I found them a bit boring to watch. Looking forward to hearing about further acts and who the other two headliners are. As Krasni says it there will be "further additions," but I am really happy with the way things are going.