Green Man 2022

Bit early for this thread to be created but nowhere else to post this...very important!

Early Birds have been brought forward (as per the website) and will be on sale on the 14th September at 10am

Will be trying my best to get my hands on some early bird tickets, expecting something special with it being the 20th anniversary. Trying to convince my partner that our camping days aren't behind us but I think I'm fighting a losing battle.

Fairy lights, a clean pillow, shoe deodorant and plenty of wine (plus corkscrew) and tell her it's glamping.  Bound to persuade her (or may help explain why I am still single)

Had the email with ticket prices for tomorrow, plus news of first headline act will be released

Alarms at the ready, Early Bird and Standard Priced tickets for Green Man 2022 (18-21 August) will be released at 10am tomorrow, Tuesday 14th September. We're ecstatic to announce that tomorrow we will also be revealing your first GM22 headliner!

But first, here's some handy info and details you'll need for

Tickets will be available from 10am, Tuesday 14th September - tickets are only available through Ticketline. If you're on the page before 10am you'll need to refresh it once they're on sale to show the tickets.

Please do not buy any tickets from secondary ticket sites or social media as they cannot be verified.

There's a limit of 8 tickets per ticket type, and a limit of 20 tickets per order. You can only purchase one live-in vehicle per session. 

Please note payment plan tickets are not available for Early Bird tickets, depending on availability there may be some released later in the month. Prices do not include booking fees. 

Weekend Tickets (18-21 August 2022)
Adult Weekend - Early Bird £195 / Standard £210 
Student Weekend - Early Bird £170 / Standard £183
Teen* Tier 1 Weekend (13-17 years) - Early Bird £130 / Standard £140
Little Folk (5-12 years) - Early Bird £30 / Standard £32
Infant (0-4 years) - £0

Orange Car Park - £20
Park & Ride - £5 
Live-in Vehicle Campervan - £150 
(Campervan under 6m, max pitch size 6m x 5m)
Live-in Vehicle Motorhome - £200
(Motorhome over 6m or towed by car, max pitch size 9m x 5m)

Settlement Tickets (15-21 August 2022)
Adult Settler's Pass - Early Bird £245 / Standard £264
Student Settler's Pass - Early Bird £220 / Standard £237
Teen* Tier 1 Settler's Pass (13-17 years) - Early Bird £170 / Standard £183
Little Folk (5-12 years) - Early Bird £40 / Standard £43
Infant (0-4 years) - £0

Settlement Car Park - £30
Settlement Live-in Campervan - £200
(Campervan under 6m, max pitch size 6m x 5m)
Settlement Live-in Vehicle Motorhome - £250
(Motorhome over 6m or towed by car, max pitch size 9m x 5m)

Thanks for that,now they just need to announce Primal Scream performing Screamadelica  on the 30th anniversary tour as one of the headliners.

Make sure you check your password is correct before 10am, don't want to waste time resetting a forgotten password when tickets go on sale.

I refreshed the page at 9.45 and had the reloading message but only for a minute or so. Then I had to click around a bit every 5 minutes to avoid being put back in the queue.

Doing Settlers for the first time .. yay!

Campervan already sold out so it's back to basics .. wasn't too happy about shelling out £200 in any case .. not as if you get anything for it.


Got mine, i wanted to do the payment plan but in my blind panic couldn't see the option was it there?

Ended up paying full price as well, would have got the early birds if i'd know the the payment plan wasn't available.

i guess it does

first time i've missed out on early birds ever

so that cost me an extra £100

hey ho

glad that stress is over for another year

but really - get a ticket company who can handle the traffic...

Call me old fashioned but I always phone. On hold for 20+minutes, but got through to get Early Bird ticket.

Annoyingly I got in on time to order early birds, but I kept getting an error message on the payment screen and having to restart... Gave up after the third attempt. Happy for those of you who had better luck!

I got card declined and i think many others did but if you held on the page updated--i was texted a code to put in to continue to payment---i suppose that might depend on which bank/card you use.

I got an Early Bird - after about half an hour with the "something big is happening" message.  I'm happy with Michael Kiwanuka as the first headliner - especially as I didn't like any of the main stage headliners this year. 

He's come a long way since he played the Walled Garden for the last £50 left in the line-up kitty .. looking forward to seeing his homecoming.


Got Earlybird Settlement ticket and car park pass... Hooray!

Charging us to print our own tickets is taking the piss though.


I'm hoping to have moved between now and then and though I'd at least saved the hassle of remembering to update my address .. then confirmatiin email said car park tickets will be posted, others are print at home .. makes no sense to me.


No Early Bird for me either, but I've got my regular ticket. Note to self: get in queue half hour before bookings open next year. Personally I think Michael Kiwanuka is a good call to headline next year. Not only does it tick the boxes for a returning act who's grown in stature since his first appearance in The Walled Garden, but I still love his last album and think it will be a perfect fit for the main spot on the Mountain Stage. I did think he was a dead cert mind. Pavement would have been more of a surpris. 

a lot of grumpy punters on FB, upset about the fact that there's no payment plan this year

i'm lucky enough to be able to pay out in one go - but imagine it's a big ask for a lot of younger folk

or those whose finances have been hit by covid

of course, that's true for GM too - and the fact that it looks like they've almost sold out the entire 2022 festival in one day must be great for their future security

does seem like some resentment though that there was no pre-warning about the cessation of the payment plan

also, GM does have a habit on FB of replying to excited people - but resolutely ignoring any questions

which does allow indignation to fester a bit, i think

anyway - not really a moan - as always, green man is a fucking marvel - and a wonderful part of my life - and i can't imagine the amount of work that goes into making it so

but every year the ticketing situation takes a bit of the shine off the glow that came with the experience itself...

I suspect GM want to shift as many full price tickets as possible before the 5% VAT rate goes up again at the end of September, which is why there's no payment plan. A shame as other festivals have kept theirs. 

As someone said on Facebook, loads of people rolled over their tickets from 2020 to help support Green Man during Covid but it doesn't feel like GM are supporting them. 

I'm properly cross, i would have gone straight for the early bird tickets, but because it had been stated only the day before that payment plans would only be available with standard tickets that 's what i clicked on , but no payment plans there either, i'm lucky i had enough money in my account to cover it, i'm guessing many other people didn't.

Not cross but really disappointed and I feel anyone who feels having no payment plan which excludes the less financially well off people and families is wrong should post saying that.Silence is accepting and will help perpetuate this.I'm sure GM has miscalculated and will change if enough people complain.

I expect there will be-----cannot believe they would risk more complaints.Hope everyone who has struggled financially today will have the opportunity to buy soon.

One minute they're saying tickets are almost sold out and the next they're telling people a payment plan will be offered soon.  Which probably means there will be a mad scramble for the few remaining tickets. 

It's confirmed my decision not to go next year, really don't like the way GM has excluded people and families on lower incomes who have been going to the festival for years but don't have a few hundred quid lying around to spend on festival tickets. Especially after the support and goodwill GM has received over the last 18 months.