Green Man 2012 day by day line-up

Afternoon you lovely lot,

I'm extremely excited about this year's festival and with just a few acts to come (including a special guest), I thought you might like to see the day & stage line up for Green Man 2012...

Woof Woof

Walter x

Stumbled across this in the gallery at the exact same time this was posted.

Willy Mason heading up the 'walled garden' stage on the saturday will be nice.

Also like the look of the Friday night at the main stage


Ohh this is a wonderful suprise! I'm off to buy some new high-lighters...


This might just be my favourite Green Man line-up

Thought for one hideous moment that Jonathan richman and Field Music were clashing until i realised I was reading across rather than down. Kids will be staying up late on Sunday for Mr Richman.

Bloody Fantastic!

On a personal level, the day splits could hardly have worked out much better, as far as I can tell. As it stands I have NO obvious mega-clashes so far. I can see myself spending a lot of time at the Far Out stage on Saturday and Sunday.

And putting TTMOE against VM - BRILLIANT. No longer ANY anxiety about being so unimpressed with Saturday's headliner!


excellent - i have my headliners

the bees, tallest man and megafaun

all excellent ways to close out an evening

and megafaun possibly the PERFECT way to close the weekend

That line-up looks immense, wicked to see it al laid out like that, don't have a scooby who I'm going to see on Sunday night, too much choice aargghhh...

OK, scrap my last relief-laden post:


Please tell me that 5 from top on the Mountain Stage will not clash horrendously with 6th from top on the Far Out. Please tell me that. Don't lie, that won't help. Just let it be true so you can tell me that!

Please tell me that I don't have an almighty clash of The Wave Pictures and Bowerbirds...



In previous years the Far Out day line-up has finished before the Main Stage so you should be okay on that one ben.

Or I should say we'll be okay, as since you've turned me on to the majesty of Bowerbirds, I too would be aghast at this possibility.

The potential problems I can see froma  quick glance are Michael Kinwanuka / Steve Smyth on Saturday,which would upset me a bit, and a possible Jonathan Richman / King Creosote on the Sunday, which I imagine would upset quite a few folk.

Interesting to see that 'Special Guest TBA' may indeed be something a bit special, given his / her / their placing. No disrespect to either but it's hardly James Yorkston or Laura Marling in that position.




A Richman-Creosote clash would be a complete nightmare but it'd have to be JR given the frequency of his visits to these shores  

Surely no prospect of a JR-KC clash? Looks like JR will be up against the Walkmen. Talk about a no-brainer - better get to the Far Out tent early!

Thanks Walter - that's the dog's bollocks that is.

Can't see any potential clashes for me either, although probably a few mad dashes from one stage to another.

Wonder who the special guest will be.

I'm hoping for Richard Hawley or Grizzly Bear.

Can anyone work out what time Michael Kiwanuka is likely to be on? I'm a hopeless oldie who is usually watching folks heading back to their tents as I'm making my first coffee of the day.

the jonathan richman / daughter clash is the one worrying me

i use the word 'worrying' reasonably broadly though

but daughter are my 'this year's discovery' this, er... year

Actually that 'Special Guest TBA' on Saturday is worrying now.

Sod's law says it will be something spectacular for me, adding further complication to my existing Field Music/Yann Tiersen/TTMOE dilemma.

Might need my running spikes for efficient inter-stage sprinting...

When did Walter suggest the TBA is TBA?


I think it was no more specific than 'July'.

I suppose the question is whether they are 'Special (really good)' or 'Special (really well known)'

Saturday is the real problem day. Apart from Yawn Tiersen, I'd be happy to spend the whole day at any of the stages.


Not a Yann Fan, eh peridot?!

I've only got to know him in pre-GM prep, but like him quite a bit. TBH in a straight Field Music vs. Yann fight, Sunderland trounces France everytime. As said, I just hope that the TBA doesn't pose a problem for my magnificent Field-Music-into-TTMOE-end-of-regular-music-pre-late-night-Saturday-dance-fest bonanza...


Think someone else might have already mentioned this, but there's no sign of Slow Club on the Green Man by day poster, yet they are still listed on the line-up section