Great Green Man Moments

starting with this from 2011

especially for peridot

I suspect I know what that first one is and I'm not going to spoil my happy Friday feeling by clicking on it.

If it's a particularly murderous cover version, I still have the scars from having accidentally heard some of it originally.

That was a fantastic set, despite the unwelcome presence of a drone Buzzing overhead. Can we add banning them to the list this year please Walter?

This thread is incredible, I hadn't realised there was so much great footage out there.

For some reason I just don't get TTMOE (yes I know it's me), but I'd crawl over hot coals to see Steve Mason especially if he's going to play some Beta Band Material. (We NEED him back in 2017)

There's been so many 'moments' ... Robert Plant in '07, Iron & Wine in '08, Flaming Lips in '10, but the one that keeps coming back to mind is that Megafaun performance in '12. We were all so tired and emotional and I think they'd run out of time and had the PA switched off but pleaded a few more minutes for that last celebration of everything that GM is about.

I almost want it to rain this year :-0


This is why I love the Far Out Tent, I was also there for Steve Mason and the phrase "you had to be there" was never more apt. Patti Smith on the Thursday night a couple of years ago was also memorable. By the way Slugger, I took that video of The Tallest Man On Earth (I know, another pseudonym) and yes the atmosphere that night was incredible.

I saw Yorkston Thorne Kahn the other night, they were good. I am usually unmoved by Yorky, but I would catch YTK again if I were in attendance this year. And they are planning a new album, apparently.  

i know it's heresy - but i can't get all that excited about mr y either

great songs and all

but he's not much of a singer, is he?

Mr Mc feels the same Ray, he can only listen to about three songs and then has to switch off.

A bone of contention in our relationship.

Your recommendation led to me grabbing it on Kindle this afternoon Elizabeth as I wasn't really enjoying the book I was reading.

It had me hooked from the first few pages ... lovely stuff.

Not convinced Wild Beasts are likely to offer anything close in that slot this year. Patti Smith co tiniest to set the bar high mind. Definitely one of the great Green Man moments for me. 

Patti Smith was our introduction to green man, my then 12 year old daughter was transfixed. She had just started playing guitar and writing her own songs so Patti was a big inspiration.

Steve Mason also - that was the same year wasn't it? 2013? It was while waiting for Steve Mason that we met a lovely family with whom we have shared GM ever since.

Almost identical, also my first GM and first festival and Patti was my first experience of GM with my 10 year old daughter, who up until that point had never experienced a strong female musician.  

We were both blown away, and I think that this weekend sparked the interest and the never ending bills for multiple instruments, music lessons and exams that have followed


not sure why GM have abandoned that sort of 'heritage act' thing they briefly established for the thursday night

patti, waterboys

a bit like what they used to do on the friday in times now long past

generally guaranteed to please the most punters, i'd have thought

though maybe the average age of attendee is dropping as the musical remit becomes broader (and shitter)

If the world was a just place then Steve Mason would be provided with his own tent at Green Man where he occasionally roused himself to play blinding versions of Dry the Rain between complimentary servings of Goan Fish it is Michael Gove continues to inhale and then expel foul air without interruption.

Absolutely smitchmit. 

That Saturday in 2013 was the best day's music ever. I recall a straight run of Sweet Baboo, Low, John Cale, Steve Mason and Villagers, but I know there was other great stuff earlier in the day too and I think there were some bad clashes too which seems hard to imagine.

I'm looking forward to watching the vids on this thread when I get home from hols and on a decent 'net connection.


Watching The Cave Singers on the main stage a few years later with Jim Morrison ( Er in't Doors) was a glorious Green Man highlight. The singer is still the only individual to have addressed me as  ' dude' who wasn't a middle management twat in a Pixies t shirt  who clearly wished he hadn't been born in Maidenhead.

Eh smitchmit, are you on holidays and on the cheap rum too? I'm just polishing off the last of mine.

Mentioning "best day's music ever" in my previous post caused me to google the 1983 Phoenic Park gig I was at 30 years earlier (almost to the day) which really has never been bettered. 

Line-up of U2, Simple Minds, Eurythmics, Big Country, Steel Pulse ... what more could anyone ever want.

It even has it's own facebook page

I'm in reverie

Back to Blighty and broadband now so I'll get watching those vids.

No more cheap rum so I'll just be posting the more usual shite again, as opposed to the rum-sodden nonsense.

Oh wait ... how did those two bottles find their way into the suitcase? Let me just pop them in the GM packing box :)

For those of you who actually care, I went for a drive down to the site today (I luckily have my favourite festival on my doorstep) and was pleasantly suprised by the new Far Out tent, I do remember reading about a new tent but didn't think too much of it. However compared to other years the new tent looks like it could hold a real decent sized crowd in there.

Here's a snap i took.

Wow Compocoles, well done!

The tent looks fantastic, my tummy flipped when I saw your photo.

Excitement off the scale......

I would be lying if I said I hadn't been taking the long route home the past couple of weeks to see the festival being built, my excitement has been pretty insane for a while now but seeing that wonderful tent today has really managed to push it to its maximum, it's looked huge compared to previous years. The Cinedrome also being moved over where the Green man usually is was another pleasant surprise.

4 days 11 hours 5 minutes until I can get through them gates (not that I'm counting)

Thanks for the picture Compocoles.

That sure is a big tent.

I think Walter suggested that it was comparable to Brixton Academy in terms of capacity.

I'm looking forward to Ezra Furman lifting that roof a few feet higher.

Sweet Babs and Pictish Trail together in the Walled Garden last year were rather special- after some biblical rain, the sun shone on them on the Sunday afternoon. 

Also - Mercury Rev 2014, British Sea Power in the Far Out Tent 2013. I'm thinking of lots more but they are off the top of my head.