GM23 Tickets

Morning folks! Hope you're primed and ready to go at 10am for the GM23 ticket release. Here's the direct link for tickets >

Hope to be seeing you lot in the mountains. 

Woof woof, etc 

Doris xx

As ever used the phone - called 3 minutes to 10.00am, allowing 5 minutes on hold has worked yet again.

oh right

you phoned up

never tried that

may be about to

what's the number?

FFS that was stressful. I did get tickets but I got too many thanks to a badly-designed website. In a panic I paid via Apple Pay and have no email confirmation at all, but the money looks like it's going out of my account so fingers crossed. No reference or anything. What a shambles, Ticketline (as usual)...

Managed to get my tickets, but that was an unnecessarily stressful half hour. Would it be less of a bun fight if they released them in batches? Or maybe that would just mean multiple bun fights! Never used to be like this – just booked them when you had a bit of cash some time in March or April. The price of success I guess.


Don't worry you'll get rid of them here very easily. Can I put my name in the hat?

I'd love the 3 settlers tickets. I'd also take the weekend if GM could let me upgrade to a settlers. That would be brilliant FaerieK!! Thanks very much. 

Now ... how do we do this? How can I get the money to you?

And yep,one day offer only... I'll forward the email confirmation (and my phone number)to anyone who wants them and can ideally pay today, if you're done with being in a queue.

This will be my 17th Green Man and I'm a good egg.


Should be released at 3am on a Sunday morning (to Irish IP addresses only) 4am for rest of world. 

Those who managed to get some, what are the numbers on them?  I got General tickets which are numbered 347-9, do Early Birds have a separate numbering sequence or were there really only 300 Early Birds, or less?

where are the numbers ?!?

(edit : DOnt worry. Found it. I got settlers no. 15 & 16!!! and little folk settler no. 5. Considering how long I was waiting, this seems VERY odd....)

mine are in the 1500s

which either suggests that they're not selling in order

or that ticketline is so shite, it's taken an hour to sell a 15th of the tickets

Is is time for a ballot type thing? ITs so stressful now. We all like its a lovely independent thing. But, now EVERYONE knows about it and EVERYONE wants to go (and they dont wanna/cant increase capacity), its maybe the fairer, less stressful thing to do?

I manages to get tickets though, so Im golden.

though things say sold out - and then magically reappear when you refresh

student tickets were sold out for ages

now available again

just the under-2s who are fucked