GM2018 Ticket Resales

Hello friends!

Hope you're as excited as we are for Green Man 2018! The Settlement opens in only 13 days! 


I've been rumaging through the forum and have noticed a few of you are trying to buy and sell tickets on here.


Due to the problem of fradulent tickets I can't allow people to buy, sell, or exchange tickets on the forum. It's too risky. If you need to sell your tickets please use our official ticket reseller Twickets at instead.  Please be wary of all other secondary ticket outlets especially those who list their tickets at prices higher than we sold them for!


Woof woof

Just want to put on record what an excellent service Twickets is, and if anybody reading this ever needs to sell on any tickets or buy them after it's sold out, I can strongly recommend it. While one other site I won't name is selling tickets for up to £500, and Ticketmaster has thankfully announced today that they're going to stop their own resale services, Twickets seems about as foolproof and guaranteed as it could be.

Here's how it worked- I started looking for my one ticket last week- I set up an alert, downloaded the app and basically kept an eye on it every couple of minutes for about 24 hours until I managed to grab one. As it happens, I didn't really need to do that- looking today (I think the last day they let you list tickets for posting out) there are 20-30 available, some at less than face value. About an hour later, I got a text to say my ticket had been posted by next day delivery, and indeed it was with me the next morning with a friendly note from the seller. The fee taken by Twickets came to about 25 quid including postage, but that's not excessively more than a Ticketmaster booking fee. 

Hopefully the cowboys will be driven away and sites like Twickets will flourish.

Another vote of confidence here.

I've used Twickets quite a few times now for both buying and selling and it's always been a similarly seamless experience.