getting a toddlers ticket seperately?!?


Long time no see!! How IS everyone? Silly question, really. Its all been a bit shit, innit.

However.....looking forward to the future (fingers crossed).

I/we have been given tickets for this years festival from a friend who cant go due to having a baby around that time. This is great! HOWEVER.....we havent been given a ticket for our kid. I would GUESS it would be possible to just, like, get a ticket for our wee bairn on its own. it?

Thats it. Stay safe. Fuck the tories. x

When I tried to buy a couple of teen tickets last year I had to buy another adult ticket in order to make the purchase. 

Ticketline website wouldn't let me order them without an accompanying adult.

Don't know if this is the same for kids and toddlers.

Our mates who couldnt come along last year can now. We will be all over the website the second tx go on sale.

If you want me to buy a toddlers one too, jut say the word.