Getting in the mood

Anyone care to join me in posting stuff we'll be enjoying come August.

Nothing's going to keep me from Kate Tempest. Cool version of It's Alright Ma on here! 

ive not really looked into either sleaford mods or the shins previously.

what I've heard since has put them near the top of my list to check out, along with the whimsical girl ray. And my first Julian cope gig in 25 years..and Shirley Collins. 

Bit of a smorgasbord really. But isnt that the wonderful beauty of it all....?

as the snowy sleet fell yesterday my thoughts naturally turned to a field in crickhowell. 4 months and counting 

I know there has been a separate thread already on Hurray For Fhe Riffraff, they are top of my must see list.  The Navigator is a fantastic album, certainly my favourite listen at the moment.

Confirmed they're playing the Saturday so I'm hoping they don't clash with PJ.

Feels like I've been waiting ages for the Aldous Harding album to come out. Not looked forward to buying a new record as much as this for a while. In a fit of pique while watching Jools a few weeks back I tweeted that they could do worse than book her for the show as she's touring over here during this run. They have done so, but ironically on the evening I was going to see her play at Thekla the week after next. That's been bumped back until her next visit in November now. Ah well, at least the new date falls on a Friday. 

Frustrating as Later is, sadly it's all we've got these days. Amidst the dross this series has had to offer so far they have had Michael Chapman and Joan Shelley was on this week. 

So true.  Seems that Jools has his farourites who keep get invited back but only occasionally gives the opportunity to less known new acts.  The problem is not Jools or his show format but that the BBC et al appear reluctant to invest in any new music programmes (although applaud coverage of BBC 6 and other festival coverage).  There are loads of music programmes on BBC 4 but it is all rehash of clips from the archives.  Even now there is another session of 1980's music on the red button.  

It is good that we have had Jools for 25 years but need someone new to come in and provide something a bit different.

it will

but would have sounded even better in a sunny field!

or a wet one, for that matter