Getting in the mood

Anyone care to join me in posting stuff we'll be enjoying come August.

Nothing's going to keep me from Kate Tempest. Cool version of It's Alright Ma on here! 

ive not really looked into either sleaford mods or the shins previously.

what I've heard since has put them near the top of my list to check out, along with the whimsical girl ray. And my first Julian cope gig in 25 years..and Shirley Collins. 

Bit of a smorgasbord really. But isnt that the wonderful beauty of it all....?

as the snowy sleet fell yesterday my thoughts naturally turned to a field in crickhowell. 4 months and counting 

I know there has been a separate thread already on Hurray For Fhe Riffraff, they are top of my must see list.  The Navigator is a fantastic album, certainly my favourite listen at the moment.

Confirmed they're playing the Saturday so I'm hoping they don't clash with PJ.

Feels like I've been waiting ages for the Aldous Harding album to come out. Not looked forward to buying a new record as much as this for a while. In a fit of pique while watching Jools a few weeks back I tweeted that they could do worse than book her for the show as she's touring over here during this run. They have done so, but ironically on the evening I was going to see her play at Thekla the week after next. That's been bumped back until her next visit in November now. Ah well, at least the new date falls on a Friday. 

Frustrating as Later is, sadly it's all we've got these days. Amidst the dross this series has had to offer so far they have had Michael Chapman and Joan Shelley was on this week. 

So true.  Seems that Jools has his farourites who keep get invited back but only occasionally gives the opportunity to less known new acts.  The problem is not Jools or his show format but that the BBC et al appear reluctant to invest in any new music programmes (although applaud coverage of BBC 6 and other festival coverage).  There are loads of music programmes on BBC 4 but it is all rehash of clips from the archives.  Even now there is another session of 1980's music on the red button.  

It is good that we have had Jools for 25 years but need someone new to come in and provide something a bit different.

it will

but would have sounded even better in a sunny field!

or a wet one, for that matter

I saw her last autumn in that london, good show. And then I saw her a few weeks back in Belfast. She was in a great mood and having fun with Alex, who was singing too loud, down at the front. She has always seemed stand off ish previously, even when I saw her in a basement. First time I have been convinced she was having fun. Either way, looking forward to it me-self. I'll be down the front. TALKING. 

Just getting my ears into the new Richard Dawson one, Peasant. Had heard it was a bit of a departure from his previous stuff- less weird and ascerbic- and was worried. But it's a really beautiful, soulful record which has kept just enough oddness. Love it. Hard to pick a track out, but how about this:  

after what seems like weeks of sweltering tropical sunshine

it's finally pissing with rain here in london

getting me right in the GM mood

It's been raining hard here on the Shropshire/Cheshire border yesterday and today, hopefully turning our brown fields green again. 

GM on my mind - time to search online for waterproof kecks.

Already got my waterproof over trousers.

anyone living in the Forest of Dean will know the famous Raymond's stores and to anyone visiting, you will not get a better price on Regatta over-trousers.  

The conversation will go, 'have you any waterproof trousers?'  'Is it for a festival?' 'Yes'.  'Right, here you go, this will be the size you want'.  Job done

Lovely sunny day in the West of Scotland after a couple of weeks' rain! Everywhere's boggy underfoot here.

And my waterproof jacket has a big hole in the back- need another one, then.... overtrousers are nice and muddy and ready to wear.

Preparing for a house move and have put a load of stuff in storage, just realised all our rain-wear is in a box in the corner of the storage unite behind everything else. Gonna be a dry August though eh?

Those lovely people at are streaming the Big Thief set and the Hurray for the Riff Raff set from the Newport Folk festival at the weekend and they both sound sweet. Big Thief played 4 unreleased songs from a 10 song set and her voice sounds fantastic live. An absolute must-see for me (as is HFTRR)


Hurry, it won't be there for long! 

i have a kiwi friend who insists that this is the first ever tiny desk featuring a kiwi artist

can this be true?

amazingly, tiny ruins have never done one

but can anyone prove my upside down pal wrong?

meanwhile, i remain unconvinced by this harding woman

(real name hannah...  i'm going to go by upton rad from now on - or wyndham rad - or perhaps f scott rad - or maybe i'm not - because you can't just pretend to have someone's unusual name to imply that you share their talent)

i'm not actively disliking her

but i'm suspecting she'll be really, really annoying by song 3

i'll probably give her a go - as she doesn't seem to clash with anyone i much care about

but i may have to remonstrate with some of you afterwards

while pretending to be thomas mann

Didn't Bob Zimmerman start all that? Still one of my top five, but I think Mrs W is with you on that front Tennessee. Just as well she likes Richard Dawson. 

I'm not keen on her made-up name either.

But then I find I am disproportionately influenced by a performer's name as to whether I give them a fair listen... I know, I know.

Currently I'm struggling with the following....

Hurray For The Riff Raff

This Is The Kit

Johhny Flynn and the Sussex Wit...

just because I dislike their names.

Any links to help me overcome this ridiculous prejudice appreciated. x

You're right Blackcatista, Badbadnotgood is a ridiculous name.

I heard one of their tracks on the Spotify playlist and it was goodgoodnotbad.

I think more Spotify on shuffle might be the way forward.

i listened to 'the navigator' all the way through this morning

and it's all right

but i can't quite see why it's getting all the plaudits it is

she has a great voice

but where are the songs?

spotify immediately took me to a much earlier HFTRR track once the album finished

covering lucinda williams' 'people talking'

and all i could think was - now, THAT's a song