Fourth (Final?) Music Announcement

Hi Walter

So, now a month since you last spread the musical love...

...any hints to the Forum Faithful as to when we might here about the next (and I guess possibly last) group of bands to join GM2014?


Agree with B.C. - the line-up would benefit from a few more bands like the Black Angels. Been listening to their record store day mini album quite a lot m'self recently.

A new stage eh? Blimey - that's a turn-up. Seems like a good opportunity to post another short wish-list. Here's mine:-

Klaus Johann Grobe
Smoke Fairies
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Lola Colt
Y Niwl
Mona & Maria
Rose Windows
Soft-Hearted Scientists

Love Black Angels,seen them many times over the years.The new stage might not be a music stage.Though if it was I would be surprised if it was larger bands.

...but not a happy one

So not a music stage eh? What then? Theatre, poetry, contemporary dance - I mean what's on their minds?

Like you I would prefer a psych stage but I guess Krasnyi is nearer the mark and it may turn out to be a change to the small stage near the pond.

Climbing Trees are pretty good. Here are some other local bands- Merthyr mainly but some from Aberdare.

So are Mixalydia

As are the Moonbirds:

and Delyth Mclean

and Kizzy Crawford:

and the Heavy Flames:

John Mouse is actually announced, and he's very good:

Some of them (Delyth, the Moonbirds and Mixalydia will be playing in Soar Theater in merthyr on the 27th if anyone is in the area.

I'll be there

Can't see Slint appearing on this new wee stage though. A local band from Pontypridd seems more likely. Hey maybe it'll be a stage for Welsh artists. If so it'd be good to see Sendelica @ Green Man...

OMG - Slint!

As said, their FB page seems to confirm they're playing on Saturday - I would have thought that could 'only' have been as Far Out headliners...but we know that's TWOD, don't we?

I wonder if they'll be on the Mountain immediately before Mercury Rev? Wherever they play, this is MEGA news (if slightly stealing dear Walter's thunder...)



fucking a

had to miss their london show because i was sick as a dog

then lots of rumours that they were calling it a day again

so very happy about that


My word, that's ruddy brilliant. Spiderland has been in my top 20 albums for, ooh, a jolly long time.

Massive news.