First announcement

Morning you lot! Bark, bark, woof, woof & all that. GM20 is finally here, my humans have been working their human hands off. Can't wait to welcome you lot to the mountains x 

Kendal Calling have Mr Motivator. Get him onto the Green Man Mountain stage at 11am on Sunday morning for a mass workout!

Was looking at old Latitude lineups earlier today. Some of those lineups around 2010ish were absolutely superb and then a quick deterioration around 2014ish.

I agree with those who see the headliners as a bit of a surprise, but seem to recall a similar reaction in 2013 (Ben Howard.... where did that one come from?)

And despite my own cynicism at the time . .Ben Howard turned to be a very worthy headliner.

I struggle to see Little Dragon doing anything similar but am open to persuasion

Having a quick look around at other festival line ups and Deer Shed have a decent first announcement. They seem to have done this for the last couple of years but the kid-centric focus has always put me off.

I missed LUMP in the GM announcement so that's another I'd see - I'll keep digging in to the artists I'm not familiar with to see what else I fancy.

I tried Deer Shed last year for the first time and while it is very kid-centric there is so much there for them that I didn't find it a problem. There's lots of space for them to spread out and be entertained / entertain themselves away from the stage areas. Generally if kids were at the stages it was because they wanted to be and not because they'd been dragged along against their will.

It's a bit far for me, but I'd certainly go again if there was something particularly attractive on the line-up


That's good to know, thanks. I've always worried that being a solo adult there amongst a sea of kids might be a bit odd. I'm pretty much the same distance from Deer Shed as I am from Green Man so it's no extra travel - I'll wait to see what the 2nd announcements bring for each.

I was also at Deer Shed last year.  My view pretty much identical to Peridot's.  It is quite a long way north for me, so repeat visits will be line-up dependent, and at the moment there's not enough for me this year on the bill.

Started my first trawl of the unknowns and so far I think i might be liking/want to investigate further:

Thundercat (was unknown to me!)

Steam Down

Sarathy Korwar



Porridge Radio (not entirely unknown - have heard them a bit on marc riley)

Nap Eyes

Alabaster Deplume (have heard some of his stuff on the Lost Map samplers I get off Johnny P)

Melin Melyn


I've come across some bloody awful stuff too but this is enough to be getting on with eh.

Liking Corridor [ still hoping for a different French psych band though],RVG and though the album is a bit hit and miss i think Sarathy Korwar could be good live.

I love what they're doing - trad folk with a twist. Really looking forward to seeing them.

Now lets have the Unthanks back as well eh?

can't get on with lankum at all

from all the descriptions and raves in the press, thought they'd be right up my glittering passage

but ugh

loving corridor, though

and very happy to see some love for RVG

I had never heard of him - but have listened to a few tracks now and I have decided that I quite likeee.

Fraid I'm with Ray on Lankum. 

Love a bit of Alex G or (sandy) as he go's by lately, I recommend Beach Music or his latest House Of Sugar, won't be to everyone's taste especially his use of vocal effects, but he sometimes reminds me of early Pavement and that's never a bad thing.

Yip, Corridor have gone straight into the must see list.  Not really a weak track on that Junior album.  Like the band name too - which is refreshing after some ludicrously bad ones in recent years.

At the moment I have two "must see at all costs" (Richard Dawson and Sandy Alex G). Caribou and Black Midi would probably be the same as well if I hadn't seen them before. 

But there are at least 20 acts that I am very keen on seeing. I reckon that's pretty great for a first announcement - just hoping for maybe 1 or 2 more "must see at all costs" from subsequent announcements and it'll be a fantastic year. 

 Also, check out Sinead O'Brien - I've been obsessed with her for the last couple of months. Love her spoken word delivery - really addicting. "A thing you call joy" is fantastic. Hoping she releases a few more songs and she could definitely become a "must see at all cost". 

Corridor set might be a bit crowded - they are one of our early discoveries as well and although I knew Nap Eyes from EOTR I'd forgotten how much I like them.  

Working my way through the small font bands and pretty happy so far with how the must-see/want-to-lists are progressing.

I was initially disappointed with the line-up, but that was always likely as my tastes don't always coincide with Green Man.  I had my heart set on BC Camplight or Mystery Jets, or perhaps even Ezra, so was disappointed not to see any of them.  Initially I only had 2 must-sees - Michael Kiwanuka and Boy Azooga.

However, I've been listening lots to Spotify and things are looking more promising.  Really enjoying RVG, who have gone from a band I'd never heard a week ago to a must-see.  Also liking Studio Electrophonique, and quite a few of the others are sounding interesting too, though I'll have to do a lot more listening.

I'm still not sure it will be enough (I'm likely to be going by myself, so find long spells without any music/talks I want to see are quite tricky) but feeling a lot more optimistic than I was on Wednesday morning.


Said the same to Mrs Smithers last night, be very happy to see any of them. I see Patti is doing two nights at RAH in November, £90 for a decent seat might be too much for me.

All my mates are going to BT this year but it sort of coincides with GCSE exam period, otherwise I'd have been tempted.

I'd have taken those headliners in a flash.

Trying to convince my wife that BT is what she really wants to do for her 35th birthday. Quietly confident of adding it to make a Holy Trinity of Black Deer, Bearded Theory and Green Man

but not the overwhelming majority of the rest of what's on offer, musically.

The damned? Undertones? Jonny Marr? 

Think I'd watch the doves over any of those... (but not future islands)

Bearded is one of the best organized,friendly festivals I have ever attended,punches above its weight for its size and all profits go to charity.You cannot expect every festival to have line ups that appeal to GM/EOTR goers--outside of Glastonbury they all have target audiences and choose acts accordingly.

That BT line-up is fab .. if I wasn't already committed to Sea Change I'd be snapping up a ticket. Hopefully they might share a few of the highlights.


would have been similarly disinterested in johhny marr

had i not seen him supporting the who

he was surprisingly great

and now you can't listen to morrisey sing those songs, why not him?

i'd certainly watch the damned or the undertones (even with the wrong singer) rather than doves

of course, i'd rather gouge out my eyes than listen to doves - so not much contest

but would happily watch either of them

though wish the o'neill brothers would drag steve mack out of retirement again and reconvene that petrol emotion instead

Loved That Petrol Emotion and still have all the singles,shame they didn't quite make it.

And also be happy to see The Damned---played Phantasmagoria to death when it was released.

remind me to tell you the story of shooting the 'detonate my dreams' video

and the free booze being used to pay the extras getting laced with acid...

Oh, that RVG. I saw them here in Canberra, supporting Kurt Vile. They were good, although the front woman had a terrible cold IIRC! 

Funny that Canberra is such a gig-wasteland and that two bands I've seen here are at GM this year. RVG and Tropical Fuck Storm (also good, as were the support that night: Pinch Points, if you like an angular band in matching tshirt).  

Continuing my trawl.

Copming across some inevitable 'avoid at all costs'

Parquet Courts. Dull or what?

That will be a controversial opinion Mr K.

But not one I entirely disagree with. 

I loved their earlier appearances at Green Man, but while their performance in the Other Place last year was listed as a festival highlight by many, I found myself wandering off in search of something more interesting after twenty minutes.

they sound very daytime 6 music

which many will like (he said, snobbishly, being more of an evening 6 music person)

and they aren't in my avoid list, just my meh list


Must see: Richard Dawson and Sandy Alex G 

Excited about: Caribou, Lankum, Goldfrapp, Sudan Archives, Octobe Beaver, Parquet Courts, This is the Kit, Corridor, RVG, Sinead O'Brien, Black MIDI, Thundercat, Nadine Shah, The Murder Capital, Porridge Radio, Vanishing Twin, Moon Duo and TORRES. 

Need to explore more but like what I've heard: Ty Segall, Alabaster Deplume, Agnes Obel, LUMP, Working Men's Club, Lazarus Kane, Aoife Nessa Frances and Gruff Rhys.  

Avoid: Mac DeMarco and Shame (and a fair few I'm indifferent about)

OK then.

Must see: Michael Kiwanuka, Ty Segall, Lucinda Williams, Gruff Rhys, This is the Kit, Richard Dawson, Tropical Fuck Storm, Aoife Nessa Frances, LUMP

Reasonable excited about: Caribou, Agnes Obel, Sudan Archives, Boy Azooga, Thundercat, Kokoroko, Steam Down, Sarathy Korwal, RVG, Corridor, Porridge Radio, Nap Eyes, Alabaster Deplume, Melin Melyn, Liz Lawrence, Charlotte Adigera, The Orielles

Meh: much of the rest

Avoid at all costs: Black Midi, Shame



I'm a relatively recent convert to both Ty Segall and Oh Sees both of whom get regular plays on Marc Riley's show.

His latest two albums, Freedom's Goblin and First Taste are both very good. The former includes his take on Everyon's a Winner!