First announcement

Morning you lot! Bark, bark, woof, woof & all that. GM20 is finally here, my humans have been working their human hands off. Can't wait to welcome you lot to the mountains x 

Since my first Greenman 2006 I have always had goldfrapp on my GM wish list :)

One happy kitty!

And everything else, obvs... And if we can have Beck next year please :D

not exactly a mexican wave of excitement on here, is there?

i suppose everyone's at work

some good stuff in there for me

thrilled to see RVG - having missed them on tour with tropical fuck storm last year

have absolutely rinsed that debut album

very pleased with moon duo, lucinda williams, sudan archives, porridge radio and aoife nessa frances too

other than caribou (who'll presumably be saturday night's reason why my hip hurts) not fussed about the headliners - but that's nearly always true

MK was fantastic early on - but just sounds like pop to me now

got very excited when i though kokoko were playing - only to discover that extra 'ro' on closer inspection - boo

lots to explore in the undercard

i'll give it a B-


Similar response to Ray. Nothing getting me dancing in the streets but more than enough to look forward to. Frankly I'd do the trip just to see Richard Dawson play GM.

So that's about half the bill at most? And are they definitely all the headliners, then?

Getting there with you on Sudan Archives I think Ray.  Can't say it's all doing it for me - and not something I'd listen to privately - but there's plenty to suggest she could be really interesting live.

I have 7 or 8 I want to see with a few to explore---happy with Moon Duo,Murder Capital,Caribou,Working Mens Club.Its all just a little predictable but there is plenty mor to come.

B+ for me perhaps, about 10 I have not seen and would like to and another 6 or so that I have seen and would happily watch again. Quite like Caribou, other headliners not so much. Not explored further down yet, no doubt that will turn up some gems.

Enthused about 

Caribou, Parquet Courts, Th Segall,Lucinda Williams, Lump, Gruff Rhys, This Is The Kit, Alex G,Moon Duo,Aoife Nessa Frances.

So quite a bit, but still feeling slightly underwhelmed.

I thought it was just Kiawnuka who was headlining or am I just being thick.?

The facebook post says "Michael Kiwanuka, Mac DeMarco (his only UK show), Caribou, Little Dragon are headlining in the mountains" and in the comments they've confirmed "all headliners are out".

I took that to mean that's your 3 headliners plus one Thursday headliner (not sure which one- Mac DeMarco?)

B- from me as well.

Not at all inspired by the headliners, normally there's one I'd want to see, but this year - not fussed.

Some absolutely cracking stuff below (The Murder Capital, Lucinda Williams, Parquet Courts, Shame, Moon Duo, Porridge Radio, etc).

And as usual, lots of names still to explore.

But overall, underwhelming.

Hopefully the exploration of the unknown and / or announcement #2 (and #3?) will still lift it to B+.


i think the usual high-ish standards to diversity haev been maintained - there is enough on there to kep me happy. I'll go B+ as well.

Couldnt give a toss about the headliners and will be washing my hair when Alison Goldfrapp plays..

Just had a listen to RVG---perhaps the Bunny Eared Men referred to them because that's about as close as you can get to Echo and the Bunnymen without being a tribute---but I like the Bunnymen so another to add to my list.

i've never heard that in them - but can totally see why you'd say it, now that you have!

for me, they sound a lot like the go-betweens

romy is trans, so many of the lyrics address that experience

which also gives the band a bit of that joyous 'fuck-you' that ezra furman has

To be fair I have only listened to three tracks,will give the full album a listen to this week---really like the vocals and the moody,goth sound.

I'm sorry Walter, but that lineup is just not for me. I have early bird Settlement tickets, but I will sell them. Such a pity. I was so looking forward to it. Is it twickets you recommend? Do I need to wait for physical tickets to arrive?

We are settling for the week, sadly my sister and brother in law failed to get thier tickets. What tickets will you be selling if you decide not to go?

Hi. I have one adult Settlers and a Settlers car park ticket at early bird face value if you're interested. They haven't sold out yet though, have they? I will sell through Twickets, which I think means I will have to wait until my physical tickets arrive.

Thanks. They really need a campervan ticket as they are not tent people at all. Amazing how quick the campervan tickets go. So stressful and not easy getting tickets. After many years of going to GM we will probably give it a miss next year. 

Guess what? I'm quite happy with that!

Michael Kiwanuka - love his latest album. Ty Segall - ditto! Lucinda Williams?! Woo-hoo!

Gruff - about time!

This is the Kit - always brill

Richard Dawson - yeah!!!!!!

Lankum - best trad folk outfit around - folk!!!!!!

Tropical FS - get in!

Aoife Nessa Frances - best thing I've heard so far this year.

Thanks Walter man - give yourself a biccie old pal!

I reckon I should get a few points with those too eh mr ray? 

Caribou in 2008 was one of the best ever sets I've seen at Green Man. Anyone there would never forget it. Simply awesome. I loved Andorra but haven't been massivley enthused with his output since then. Will give it another try. Mac De Marco? A headliner? Seriously? Ah there'll be something ace like Wave Pictures in the Walled Garden. Never heard of Little Dragon or Thundercat. Am I missing owt? 

Did I tell you Aoife Nessa Frances is bloody lovely!

Thundercat at is awesome! Definitely check him out if you're into Jazzy/Funky stuff. He used to be the bassist for lots of other acts (Flying Lotus, Kendrick, Erykah Badu) but has since put out a number of albums that are pretty well regarded. New one coming out this year. 

Hmmmm, not a lot for me there. Thundercat, Richard Dawson, Gruff Rhys and then I'm struggling. I'll wait for the next announcement I think before booking.

Kudos GM for not putting Pictish Trail on the first announcement though and thus ruining the easy point in the predictions.

Not too bad for us, never bothered about the headliners - we'll be in the Far Out for most of the weekend, looking forward to:

Parquet Courts, Shame, Viagra Boys, Murder Capital, Boy Azooga, Moon Duo and Tropical Fuck Storm amongst others.  Plenty of new stuff to check out as well.

I don't usually make a big fuss about headliners and don't think I've seen one since Band of Horses, but whoever's decided this years "headliners" needs to have a re-think. If this was football this lot would be battling relegation. Just my thoughts.

Same 'solid but not particurally exciting' was my initial reaction, however I reckon our expectations are very high at this stage so it's hardly surprising. If this was a new festival that we'd stumbled across we'd likely be raving about the line-up.

Great to have Nadine Shah at last. Michael Kiwanuka was lacklustre the last couple of times but surperb at the Other Place last year, and the new album is a cracker.

I've previously experienced a higher than expected 'wanker quotient' at festivals when Mac Demarco is on the line-up. Hopefully it's a coincidence.

Really pleased to see The Murder Capital, Viagra Boys, Bambara, Richard Dawson. TFS, RVG, Sinead O'Brien.

It's going to be another brilliant weekend and I can't fucking wait for it.

Very happy to see Nadine Shah, she was my Womad highlight last year.

good number that I knowm such as murder capital and parquet courts who I guess will be in the far out, looking forward to seeing either for the first time or again.

of the ones I do not know, plenty of good comments on here so sure I will not be disappointed.

happy with the announcement. however, the real test of w(ether this is a good line up or not will depend on when I can catch up with Bif Jeff and get his opinion.

Underwhelming first announcement for me.

Caribou will be good for a dance and Lucinda Williams is a queen.

Apart from that I'm mostly unaware of the rest of the line-up and will need to do some homework. 

Buying tickets was the usual fucked up process we've come to expect. But most annoying was the inability to purchase teen tickets without buying an adult one at the same time.

Already the proud owner of two earlybird adult settler's tickets, I held off buying tickets for our teenagers because of their nebulous moods and social whims, only to find that the same fucking website (with which I have an account) required me to buy another adult ticket before it would sell me teen tickets... Gah!


Delighted to see some forum love for the legend that is Lucinda.

I've been a fan for over 30 years but never got to see her live and now she's playing at the world's finest festival!

Other than that Lankum are simply brilliant and I love the LUMP album. 

Pleased with Michael K as a headliner not fussed on the others but I'm sure Walled Garden will provide a sweet alternative.

Parquet Courts, This is the Kit, Gruff are all good additions for me. 


Do we think the LUMP appearance gives us the chance of a Laura Marling Round the Twist secret set or other emergency stand in... Wedding Present can't be stand in three years in a row!

I'm gutted they seem to have missed out on Bright Eyes - thought that was nailed on until EOTR came out. Also would be disappointed if we don't get Phoebe Bridgers or Bat for Lashes in subsequent announcements, as others have said. 
Otherwise, there's more stuff high up the lineup that I haven't heard much of before than most years - on first brief listen this afternoon I think I'm going to like it a lot.

i really dislike Mac deMarco though!

Mac Demarco as headliner baffles me.  Caught him a few years back at the Other Place and his 'cute slacker rock-pop' did nothing for me.  But the 'kids' were loving it for whatever reason and clearly he has the popularity to sell tickets.  I'll be elsewhere and leave them to it.

Plenty of other offerings on that annoucement I'm happy about.  Caribou, Parquet Courts, Ty Segall, Lucinda Williams, Gryff Rhys, Nadine Shah, Moon Duo, Thundercat, Richard Dawson, Lankum, This Is The Kit, RVG, Katy J Pearson, Do Nothing...yip, not too shabby for starters.

Mac D is certianly very popular. Getting him as a UK exclusive is a good booking and will sell lots of tickets.

I don't like him either, but there will be something great on at the same time!

I wonder whether the use of the word 'headliners' here should be used in the widest sense. I can see Michael Kiwanuka headlining the Mountain Stage. Just listening to his new album again this afternoon and some of those songs were made for a big setting. I can't see the other three as MS headliners, maybe they'll be on in the Far Out and there'll be further headliners to follow (not that I'm overly bothered about headliners). Just realised who LUMP are! Loved that album and great to see Laura Marling back again.

We've pretty much definitely got the main stage headliners plus Thursday night there based on the language of the announcement. Whereas last year it was ambiguous almost until the end, only to turn out that some of the headliners had been in the first announcement, this year theyve straight out stated we have the 4 headliners

Oh, OK, I hadn't seen that. Is Mac Demarco really that popular? This is the first year I haven't actually heard of one of the headliners. Is Little Dragon for the  kiddies?

I first listened to Little Dragon after they appeared on Gorillaz' Plastic Beach album. That was ten years ago so I'd be surprised if they're that popular with kids.

I have to admit to never having heard of Mac DeMarco though...

I know some are happier than others, but if you want any cheering up - and reminding how difficult it is to maintain the integrity of a festival's musical offering...I give you this year's Kendal Calling. What a shower of unimaginative lumpen rubbish. Mostly.

Congrats yet again to GM for being eclectic, inquisitive, interesting and smart.

Its aiming for a different audience---i would hate it but it has not strayed from its normal style of bookings.Now Latitude which used to have great line ups is truly disappointing.

I dont think Kendall Calling is a bad lineup for that sort of thing to be fair. I won't be going, but I reckon I could make it work for me!