First Announcement!!

Hi all very excited about this...

Green Man 2015: Tickets on Sale and First Artists Announced!

We are delighted and excited to unveil the first round of artists for what promises to be

remarkable Green Man 2015.

Headlining on the Sunday night will be the spellbinding St Vincent! This unique and dynamic

performer is sure to take our breath away on the magical Mountain Stage! Joining St V as

headliners are the wonderful Hot Chip (Friday) - they will be detailing a decade's worth of

magnificent music through their always-stunning live show.

Our thirteenth edition runs from 20th – 23rd August in the glorious Brecon Beacons, Wales -

and tickets are on sale NOW, including a new five-month payment plan.

Buy tickets here:

GM 2015 line-up so far:

St. Vincent / Hot Chip / Goat / Calexico / Charles Bradley / Father John Misty /

Mew / The Staves / Sun Ra Arkestra / Courtney Barnett / The Fall / Shovels & Rope /

The Wave Pictures / Hookworms / Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve / Sylvan Esso /

Waxahatchee / Son Lux / Matthew E White / Owen Pallett / Viet Cong / Steve Gunn /

Richard Dawson / Alasdair Roberts / Songhoy Blues / Zun Zun Egui / Jane Weaver / Slug /

BC Camplight / Ryley Walker / Trust Fund / Corey Bowen ... PLUS lots more TBA!

DJs- Huw Stephens / Tom Ravenscroft / Nothing Is

Also joining us are... Goat, the Swedish purveyors of experimental psych-rock, legendary

Arizonian's Calexico, who release their ninth studio album this April, and the constantly

sublime, singularly captivating, Father John Misty. Danish alt-rockers Mew will bring their

magical live show to the Black Mountains alongside the stirring indie-folk of The Staves, whose

new Bon Iver-produced album looks set to take 2015 by storm.

Legendary American funk/soul singer Charles Bradley will supply the festival with a hearty

dose of rhythm-and-blues, while a performance from the incredible Sun Ra Arkestra promises

to be one of this year's stand-out live moments.

Elsewhere, there is snarling psych-rock courtesy of Leeds' Hookworms, razor-sharp pop from

Australia's Courtney Barnett (UK festival exclusive), and the enthralling electronic patterns of

Son Lux, who will all take their place alongside the likes of Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, The

Wave Pictures, Owen Pallett, Viet Cong, Waxahatchee and many more!

We're also thrilled to announce DJ sets from the encyclopaedic music brains of Huw Stephens,

Tom Ravenscroft and Nothing Is.

This is just the start, over the coming weeks we'll have full details of lots more new and exciting

Green Man 2015 happenings! Including 99 Welsh ales & ciders, Einstein's Garden and lots

more surprises. Oh and check out the new website!

All of this and much, much more is awaiting you at Green Man 2015 so please come and join us

-it really wouldn't be the same without you!

Bye for now

GM xx

Walter you beat me to it! That's a decent start! Slug, Goat, Jane Weaver, Wave Pictures, Alasdair Roberts, Mathew E White, Father John Misty.  Who's the first for a moan this year?


FJM is about as much fun as FGM

other than that, it's actually looking pretty reasonable

delighted to see ryley walker in there

and the staves and calexico

sun ra arkestra could be grand - despite the great man himself long having returned to his home planet

and the fall - in a field



Looks like three threads were started on this topic simultaneously so I’m just going to cut and paste my comment from  t’other one:-

Well - I'm very happy with that so far.

Especially pleased to see Jane Weaver and The Staves returning. Also Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve, whose after-dark set in 2009 was the stuff of legend.

Glad to see Hookworms on the bill - I don't think they've played Green Man before and I'm especially pleased to see Goat will be putting in an appearance. Surely they will be headlining the far out tent at some point. I caught them headlining at last year's Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and they were amazing. They pulled in the biggest and the most enthusiastic crowd of the whole weekend. In fact the organiser had to close the auditorium they were playing due to so many peeps trying to catch a glimpse, so if you fancy a bit of Goat at this year's Green Man then get there early.

I don't recall ever being quite so pleased about a Green Man first announcement before.

Forget End of the Road - it's definitely Green Man for me this year.

(Here's hoping that Stealing Sheep and Django Django might also turn up)

I was one of the two dozen or so losers who got locked out of Goat at LPF. Not because I wasn't bothered enough to get there early. We stuck around for the support band so we could get a good spot, but decided last minute to go get some chips! In the rush to get back in, I got mustard in my hair... 

No way I'm missing Goat at GM this year! Heck, I'll be happy with a poor line-up that day if it means I can just bring provisions and stake out my spot.

Happy with that. Quite a few from my wish-list to be fair - Jane Weaver, Matthew E White, Hookworms, Goat and BC Camplight for starters 

For a laugh why not put on old grumpy-drawers MES in the Walled Garden?

Who's the forum favourites this year? I'm guessing Goat - so looking forward to them.

As usual the headliners do nothing for me and as usual I don't care!

For those of you who haven't heard them. Slug are amazing - another Field Music off-shoot, debut album out soon and as you'd expect from the incredibly talented Brewis brothers it sounds bloody great!

That is a cracking line up so far.   St Vincent drawing proceedings to a close on Sunday night is perfect. 

Hopefully we can have Alistair Roberts in the Walled Garden this time too..


Actually maybe I'll have the first moan - bit of a hike in ticket prices isn't it? Especially for kids. Budgets tight this year you know GM.

Hi Krasnyi

Ticket prices is always a difficult one, our costs go up each year and we try to limit price increases, we also think we cost less than some other festivals.  However we have not increased the cost of children’s tickets since it was introduced, and over that time the offer for children has increased substantially. We are increasing the infrastructure on site this year, in particular the number of toilets.  Children use these services as much as adults and it is fairer to share price rises across adult and child tickets.  There is loads for kids to do at the festival, we have a dedicated Little Folk area, as well as Einstein's Garden, a kids film club and tonnes of workshops and activities across site, we think that a child ticket at £15 works out at £3.45 per day over the 4 days of the festival and that is great value for money.

Woof x

Yeah, it was only a little moan Wally old mate and you're still significantly less expensive than EoTR. My daughter will be 12 next year which puts the price up even more. Will have to check out the new payment scheme this year.

Does it cost any more in total taking the instalment option? Might just wait until it's possible to buy physical tickets from good old Spillers Records anyway. Thanks for including so much of my wish-list by the way Walter!


Hi Wakestock

the payment plan, costs £1 more in booking fees, to cover the extra credit card fees.

Woof x

Damn.  After 5 years of loving GM but having a wandering eye, I've already went and booked EOTR tickets for this year.  Based on first announcements, I'm immediately regretting that decision and wishing I was going back to Glanusk.  This set of acts beats their announcement last week hands down for me.

Thanks for the heads up on Songhoy Blues - from Mali and seemingly steeped in the music of Ali Farka Toure if the two tracks on spotify are representative. Excellent to see Green Man branching out a bit - more African music please!

Just thought I'd log in to share a bit of excitement at that. The Far Out Tent is already looking to be a highlight- Goat, Hookworms, The Fall et al. And Calexico always work in a field in the summer. And Alasdair Roberts again- whoop! And Richard Dawson, Matthew E White and Slug also raise the eyebrow. Both headliners for me fit into the "would like to see but there'll probably be something better on one of the other stages" camp. Better get those tickets..... think it's time to do the holiday camping thing again!

Father John Misty, Viet Kong and Hookworms are sound choices. Don't mind St. Vincent. Don't really know many of the rest. I bought End of the Road early birds last September though so will try that for a change this year.  

Thanks for the Slug recommendations. I'll be checking these out and a few more of the lineup after last years GM lineup brilliance.

I only discovered Owen Pallett at the end of last year but since then In Conflict has become one of my favourite albums from 2014. It's funny how sometimes albums pass you by and then later you wonder how on earth you missed them. Anyway, I'm surprised, but really delighted, to see him on the list. Those videos are great, thanks for posting them.

Anyone else spot Hinds were on the Spotify playlist but have since been removed...I swear I saw them on it anyway but could be wrong

You've let us down here Walter. 

You know we love to have a whinge about the headliners every year and here you go taking our pleasure away. Very happy with St Vincent and Hot Chip, and nothing at all to dislike in the rest of the announcement either.

I wonder whether The Fall will be in the Thursday night special guest slot.


Ah the power of Green Man. One day after the first announcement and already three new (to me) discoveries! Songhoy Blues, Charles Bradley and Shovels and Rope straight onto my must-see list!

Likewise... I knew of Charles Bradley, but now have a good reason to explore further. It's also just come to my attention that Songhoy Blues are playin at Clwb in Cardiff tonight! Sorely tempted even though I already have other plans this evening. I was completely unaware of their existence before yesterday morning

Shovels & Rope are influencing a lot of people stateside Kras, the Staves in particular from the quotes I've read.

Charles Bradley has been around the soul scene since Otis, but only seems to have got recognition in the last few years. I'm with you in saying "must sees".

Great first announcement, Steve Gunn and Ryler Walker I'd particularly like to see.  This year on the same weekend, I will be at a festival within walking distance of my home.  Although I can't guarantee the same quality of music, the setting probably beats even the glorius Glanusk.  Enjoy I will be watching the future announcements with trepidation. and probably regretting my feckless decision.

Hot Chip, St Vincent and Calexico - brilliant news - we will be bringing our dancing wellies!

Loving the first announcement in our house.

Listening to the playlist on my way to see Songhoy Blues in Cardiff. Owen Pallett has certainly grabbed my attention. Will explore further.


Sadly had to miss out on Songhoy Blues this evening due to other plans, but I wasn't even aware of them until yesterday morning. That is one of the great things about Green Man announcements for me, familiarising myself with new discoveries. That said, quite a few of those announced yesterday were already on my current playlist. Look forward to feedback on tonight's gig. 

Well all I can say is that I feel sorry for anyone performing at the same time as Songhoy Blues. Their already meagre audience will be subsequently resentful at having missed one of the highlights of GM2015.

If they are not high on your must see list then you should probably be somewhere else that weekend. 

Put on your dancing boots, grab a cider from the Courtyard bar and boogie on down the front for music that will warm your soul. 


After a two year defection to EOTR I've just booked my tickets, for my 50th birthday festival.  Very, very excited. Just been listening to Songhoy Blues and am heartliy rejoicing in the opportunities such an eclectic line up promises. From The Fall to Charles Bradley, Hot Chip to these Malian foot tappers. Bravo! Unfortuanetly Bertha Bus has moved to pastures new, but the sister-in-laws Japanese import techno camper conversion should more than compensate and keep our old bones warm and dry at night. See you there!


Yay to Slug, and Hyde & Beast, and any other Sunderland bands, to be honest, the  music scene there is in a very healthy state, unlike the football team.  I'd especially like to see Lake Poets on the bill, his recent Nashville sojourn should produce some very interesting results.

Personally very pleased with the headliners.  St Vincent is fabulous live and always fancied seeing Hot Chip - actually sorting that one out this Saturday at 6 Music but will hopefully still want to see them again!!

Know it doesn't really matter and I don't mind, but St Vincent was announced for T in the Park today- wasn't she supposed to be a UK exclusive?

I'm sure it won't make the slightest difference... it's not like a Fleetwood Mac festival exclusive is it. That said, I don't think it was ever said anyway. Fingers crossed for Decemberists, but do they really play festivals?

Courtney Barnett was the only GM "exclusive". I imagine that's led to about two additional ticket sales. 

A big Yay from me for Lake Poets and Decemberists, and an equally big Nay for Sufjan.

I shall have to endure his presence along with War on Drugs, Future Islands and assorted additional tedium in the Other Place. If it weren't for the excellent under-card I'd be trying to flog my tickets for that.



that is the triple headline bill from hell, it has to be said

the love for future islands is absolutely beyond my understanding

just let that poor man go to the lavatory already