Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Announced the stages for Beacons festival today--gutted I have to choose between Daughter and King Creosote and the between Money and Hookworms.Just hoping the stages will be staggered GM style.

I thought you might say that and Money will probably be my choice but I've seen King Creosote countless times and Daughter were stunningly beautiful at Festival Number 6 last year.Anyway first Pet Shop Boys tonight and as much as I like John Murry,Angel Olsen,SVE etc. music should sometimes just be big.spectacular and fun and now off to sit in the sun on the seafront and have a few beers to lubricate my truly awful singing voice.

fair enough

i was really looking forward to daughter at GM 2 years ago - but thought they were unforgivably boring

i'd almost never turn down the chance to see KC anyway

different every time!

plus he has three (!) new records out this year

so lots of new material

enjoy PSB tonight - they'll be fab

Jeffrey Lewis was on great form last night. Sadly had to leave before the end to catch last train home, but luckily I'll get another opportunity to see him in a couple of months time

>> Sadly had to leave before the end to catch last train home

Please don't be upset :)

Thinking ahead to the next void I've just booked for Damien Jurado at Union Chapel in September. Hopefully he'll play points further west as well but I didn't want to take the chance of missing him completely.

Don't worry Peridot - I wasn't as upset as I would have been if I'd had to pay £25 for a taxi home! Pre-Green Man I think it's just the Cate Le Bon/Euros Childs/Sweet Baboo et all gig next week and Tune-yards the week after for me, unless you count Showboat!


a bunch of new KC dates

these are all as a three piece - rather than the 6 piece band that will be playing along to the film at the earlier dates


Allah Las touring the uk at the end of September,sadly no Manchester gig up to now but a few gaps where one could slot in.Hope they have new material by then.

Good to hear that smithers, hopefully they'll keep it up until I see them week after next.

Did you catch Melanie De Biasio in support? Only came across her recently but loving what I've heard.

Allah Las are playing in Brum ... we can all go round and camp in krasnyi's garden.

saw melanie de biasio in london earlier this week

astonishing show

i haven't seen a review yet that didn't mention david lynch

Didn't see the support Peridot, but it wasn't her I don't think, Daughters of something or other. It was a seated gig, don't know if all the tour is the same, worked really well I thought, and my wife got a hug from Mr.E to round the night off.

Ahh, I thought I'd read that she was supporting on all dates. I had better check before I get my hopes up any further after mr ray's endorsement.

A hug from E? ... that would make my night too.

EDIT: Just checked the website and it looks like Melanie will be there, really looking forward to it now.

so far not

those irish dates have been floating around for a little while now

and there has been much finger crossing on my part for UK mainland dates to be added

he is in the netherlands two weeks later in september though

so it seems silly to go home in between...

Pleased to see Ezra Furman returning to Cardiff in September. Tickets duly purchased. I'm now filling the void between Green Man 2014 and 2015

Off to spend a week in a yurt in the woods next to Windermere for our silver anniversery next week with a wee indie,folk,alternative festival in the woods at the end of the week.First of four festivals over the next five weeks--hope i still have the energy to join Peridot for the old man rave on Friday night.

Sounds like massive opportunity to build up your stamina bph, bit of an unfair advantage really.

However I have faith in all my forum buddies surviving the old man's half nighter - be there or be named and shamed afterwards :-)


Off to north Devon for the Somersault festival tomorrow morning. Daughter is a massive Ben Howard fan and given that he's been taking a bit of a breather since his Green Man performance last year wanted to go to this. It's a new one and the organisation has been a bit of a shambles so far, so with that and the threat of big thunderstorms heading in, I'm preparing for the worst.

Will report back in due course. 

Quick update on the Somersault Festival. As it turned out apart from a few intense but short-lived downpours the weather was absoutely glorious. What bigger dream could any festival organiser have for their first year. 

Apart from the ticket issuing fiasco where many folk did not get their tickets in time, the organisation all looked good. Site is nice - another wooded country estate but the arena itself is long and narrow with few of the interesting features that make Glanusk so special. In a similar vein the backdrop to the main stage is the mass concrete A361 Filleigh Viaduct - ugh!

Corporate involvement and overbearing security as expected but bearable - just. The main issue was that a large portion of the crowd were day trippers (as we were) and many were there for a curious look-see and an excuse for a piss-up - no great unpleasantness - just not the niceness of GM and other small festivals. Food and drink prices were reasonable and good quality particularly from some local community outlets, a la Cwmdu at GM.

In summary, it has good potential and if they get a better line-up I'd certainly be back, possibly for the full weekend. I'm not certain who's behind it - it's some events company but they haven't much of a clue about artist bookings - they asked Ben Howard to suggest the line-up and booked his selections. No offence to Mr Howard but I have a lot more faith in another Ben. Still it led to a brilliant performance from Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, whom Ben had suggested as a 'bit of a joke' apparently. Other highlights were some great new material (at last) from Half Moon Run and some fairly impressive (relatively speaking) new stuff from Mr Howard himself. 

An enjoyable day that whetted the appetite and increased the anticipation for the real thing.





St. David's Hall, Cardiff on Tuesday. Been looking forward to this for many months. This young American girl is a prodigious player of mandolin, guitar, banjo and a great bluegrass voice too. Gone down a storm on recent American tour and recently in Ireland.

A friend of mine (big bluegrass fan) saw her in Dublin just over a week ago and said she was great. A bit annoyed I didn't heed his recomendation.

Loved Fell Foot Sound in the woods above Windermere,only 150 people because that is all the owner wants not because of lack of space.Really good mix of music and good priced bar,though only one real ale which was called Gnats Piss.The woods owner,a local character called Barry of black wood,lives in the woods and probably in his sixties gets up each night and rants,shouts poetry and strange incantations and dances around the fire singing his version of White Rabbit.

Off to Cloudspotting this weekend--i hope the bbc forecast of heavy rain and thunder/lightning is wrong.


Just been looking at the forecast BPH,oh well the good news is theres an extra beer tent this year,see you at the bar for a pint(s) of your choice.

The second bar is going to be at the top of the field behind you if you are watching the main stage,the main stage is moving to where the inflatable pig was last year and i think there having some camping in the woods.

that sounds ace, BPH!

not sure dinosaur jr next week are going to compete

though i am very much looking forward to it nonetheless

Should be equally as good---thinking of getting tickets which are quite pricey for the joint Grant -Lee Phillips/Howe Gelb gig in Manchester.Any opinions?

Two great artists in a great venue - it's got to be worth it. 

Thinking of the Bristol gig myself, but I'm likely to be shot if I book anything else in Oct / Nov.


I know,like me, you are a bit of a House of love fan but have you heard/seen any of the Terry Bickers/Pete Fij cd----just had a email from Hebden Bridge trades club stating tickets on sale but i am in the dark over it,are you aware if they do any HOL tracks live.

they don't

they do the whole of their own record

and - when i saw them at least - a spiritualized cover

but no HOL

however... i can heartily recommend it

the record's been on constant rotation here

and pete fij is top value as a raconteur

what they're doing is a million miles away from adorable

and much closer to HOL

though different from that too

just the two of them - no band

but an excellent evening

i booked my ticket to the london show on a gamble as it was so cheap (and in my favourite venue)

and came out of there with a smile a mile wide

so - in short... - i would strongly suggest you take the plunge!

now it seems like i'm charging 9 quid for a personal appearance

or, in fact, am willing to pay 9 quid if you'll look at me