Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

First festival of the year tomorrow,the Stewart Lee ATP at Pontins Prestatyn---John Cale,Roky Erickson,Giant Sand,The Fall,Sleaford Mods,Trembling Bells,Richard James,Boredoms and many more---will give Richard Dawson a third and final attempt not to sound like noise pollution to my ears.

roky was fucking amazing on wednesday night here in london

all elevators songs - bar two headed dog as the encore

he's in the best shape i've ever seen him

sits on a stool for the show - but he is 72

and singing far better than he was at the elevators one-off reunion in austin last october

and hearing him sing those songs live!

we had levitation...

Excellent,the two i'm most looking forward to watching---i would be excited about seeing Roky whatever condition he was in but the fact his vocals are back on form has got me buzzing---would have liked John Cale to be doing the Velvet Underground show he has being touring recently but still looking forward to his show.

ATP have a bit of unfortunate history on this front don't they? Shame as they do put on some cracking line-ups. Was it just me who found Roky a bit disappointing when he played Green Man a few years back though? In other news I'm liking the new Kevin Morby released today on first listen. Finding the Cate Le Bon album oddly infectious too. 

No ... I recall having high hopes for Roky and being disappointed then too. 

I need to catch up on Cate's new one. Whatever I think of it, I can be reassured by the fact that she never disappoints live.


I think she's appeared pretty much every year in some guise, but good to see her back this year doing her own set, especially as I missed her recent Cardiff date. Time she spent last year with Tim Presley seems to have had some influence

roky played

but apparently didn't get paid

much like many of the other bands by all accounts

lot of hate out there for the ATP folks right now...

Surely no-one would be prepared to buy tickets for any future festivals put on by ATP? It's not just a one-off is it.

Cannot see ATP recovering from this which is a shame,some of my favourite festival memories are ATP events,the audience and the bands were always different than any other festival.They have promised refunds for next weekend but i will be surprised if it happens,it was pretty full this last weekend so seems surprising not to pay some of the artists.Friday was a shambles,you had to queue for one hour to register and collect the programmes and then go to another long queue to collect the chalet keys,communication about changes to times and cancellations was nearly non-existant and feel so tired today as the chalet beneath ours had three all night parties---that said would still go again in the unlikely announcement of a winter ATP.

      Roky Erickson was stunning,a blistering Rollercoaster and sublime Slip inside this house,Giant Sand,Sleaford mods,Boredoms,Trembling bells were all excellent.Flamin Groovies were awful,managed to last 20 shockingly bad minutes.

Oh dear BPH, sounds shambolic, never been to an ATP - timings haven't worked for us, but I've always been impressed by the mix of bands they attract.

We had a similarly disappointing weekend, missing Damien Jurado in Manchester though illness.

Nothing else planned until GM now....which makes me feel anxious.

I saw Little Wings and Kimya Dawson at the weekend.  They didnt disappoint - and would be great to see them both at GM.  Anyone else remember watching Little Wings finish up the weekend on a very rainy Sunday at the Courtyard Stage back in (i'm guessing) 2008?   There were only about 20 of us!  An outstanding GM memory for me. 

i was one of those 20!

we'd actually abandoned the whole festival early afternoon, so deep was the mud

but came back for little wings

and he was fucking great

even while telling us all to leave and go see pentangle instead

he was marvellous last thursday too - though the kimya dawson crowd were miserably partisan and he gave up after half an hour

i did get to buy a bunch of kyle's artwork though

which i've wanted to do for a long time

i'd love to see him back at GM

he's much jollier than he used to be too

would be a great crowd pleaser in the walled garden, i'd have thought

ah.. glad someone else witnessed it.  By the sunday i'm normally a bit frazzled. Especially back in the heady days of the swinging noughties. I'm happy i didnt imagine the whole thing.  I possibly caught the second half of Caribou after Kyle, though like i say, slightly hazy.

Saw Richmond Fontaine at the Hare & Hounds last night on the farewell tour (the Delines 'side project' appears to be the main deal now). Think they played GM around 2008 but I didn't see them. Be good to get thjem back again this year if they haven't entirely called it a day by then. 

Just read my first Vlautin novel, splendid stuff!

Meilyr Jones last week was one of the best gigs in years, sure to be one of the highlights this year at GM. The man is a star and 2013 is almost certain to be album of the year - check it out if you haven't already!

Just finished The Free, picked it up in Fopp after reading this, terrific. Have now bought The Motel Life and Northline

I managed to miss both Meilyr Jones' sets last year, but won't make that mistake again. Fortunately I have seen him once this year already, with three more lined up including Green Man. Think I'm with you on 2013 being strong contender for album of the year Krasnyi. Can't remember the last time I played one record on repeat as much as this

Bugger, This Heat cancelled their Barbican gig, rescheduled for March 2017. Tindersticks next up for me this Friday, Iggy the following week and maybe the Andy Warhol film thing at the Barbican the week after

Happy to see Steve Mason has announced a Cardiff gig later this year. Not so happy that I missed Wussy last week. Maybe they'd like to come back in August to play Green Man? Listening to Kamasi Washington so much lately that I had to get tickets to go see him in June too

Lush at the Roundhouse in London were ace last night. Room to squeeze them onto the bill at GM somewhere surely?


Next up for me is Father John Misty at the Roundhouse again in a couple of weeks.

should (though won't) be third headliner

i was in the roundhouse friday night too

better than they ever were

right down to miki wiping snot on the backs of camera phone arseholes

A seriously hungover Ryley was superb in Kilkenny last week in an early Sunday slot. New songs, old songs and some made up on the spot songs. Had a packed room in the palm of his hand. Some had never heard him before and were gobsmacked at how good he was. Talking to him afterwards and he hopes to have a new album out before Green Man. 

I'm off to a tiny festival in Whitsburg Kentucky to listen and speak to a load of modern and traditional musicians. So that's two festivals I'm going to this year. Also doing some stuff at Hay, but only one thing. Meilyr Jones is ace

He and his band were just great in Cardiff last night. My second show so far this year, with at least three more lined up including Green Man. How did I miss him last year, twice at that

Did he go mountaineering halfway through the set? I feared for his safety on the banisters of the stairs in the Sunflower Lounge in Brum.

Nothing for him to climb really in Clwb, but I'm sure he would have given the opportunity. Closed with an unplugged version of Be Soft. Looking to try and add a couple more of his shows later this year to my itinerary now

Cracking band he's got with him don't you think?

Definitely one of the best gigs I've been to in recent years. He's bloody lovely!

He is indeed, and yes, the band is fantastic. Possibly the first time I've seen someone play a trumpet while playing drums at same time, and is there an instrument that girl can't play? I'm a sucker for a bit of flugelhorn too

Looks like Meilyr is this year's Riley.

Certainly high on my must see list.

Saw him supporting Richard Hawley last year and in my opinion he upstaged Hawley ... with Sweet Baboo and H. Hawkline in the band at that gig it was hardly surprising.

He is one of the few people brave enough to play The Great Escape in Merthyr when he was in Radio Luxembourg. It was a very good but surreal evening. The pub is now an undertakers.

Iggy Pop was magnificent last night. We were up in the circle so not quite the experience that those in the stalls had but still a great night.

Did you get a ticket in the end Ray?


paid a small fortune

but in return i was right up the front

the man himself in my arms on a couple of occasions

i hope to god it wasn't the last time

but if it was, it may well have been the best