Festival suggestions 2015

Ok folks, given that Greenman 2015 is on the list for next year, what other festivals would folks recommend for a similar experience?

I'm not remotely interested in doing the 'big' festivals like Glastonbury etc 'cos I just want to relax and enjoy the friendly, dare I say it, 'vibe'


Have pencilled in Festival No. 6 because it's in Portmeirion


Any ideas?

I would be interested in any suggestions too. The obvious one is EOTR but it's too close to the end of the summer holidays to get teenage daughter back to France in time for school.

Lunar Festival scheduled for 5-7 June next year. Capacity c 2,000. This year's acts included British Sea Power, Temples, Magic Band, Polyphonic Spree, TOY, Mistys Big Adventure and, ahem, Donovan.

Really do fancy Cloudspotting one year. Also like the look of Deershed and Indietracks.

The only other one I can throw into the mix from personal experience is the Trowbridge Village Pump Festival. It's a smashing little festival that we used to attend regularly but, to be honest I no longer feel that the line up justifies the fairly expensive ticket price.

We're also looking for another festival next year and are currently leaning towards either EOTR or Cloudspotting.


To be honest Peridot GM and EOTR are head and shoulders above all other festivals.Cloudspotting is a lovely little festival,cheap food,cheap drink,very very friendly and decent music---on the downside if you are prone to midge bites its a bit of a nightmare and if you do not like what is on the main stage there is nothing else to do except drink--they even turn the music off in the bar when the main stage act is playing.We are still looking to go to Cloudspotting but only if we like all three headliners because of the lack of choice---don't mean to sound to negative becuase it is a wonderful little festival which punches above its weight but if you want a GM experience go to EOTR.

Will consider Lunar next year if the line uo remains similar to this year.

Cloudspotting is now a regular in my festival calendar - what it lacks in big headliners and choice of activities is more than made up for by the feeling of community it engenders.  You could also do a lot worse than Supernormal if the Far Out Stage is more your thing.  

I do agree Mr Grimm and i didn't mean my Cloudspotting comment to come across as negative,it is without doubt the friendliest festival i have done the last two years but the original poster asked for a GM experience and its along way away from that--not bothered about big headliners,though for its size it does really well for its headliners--leisure society[apart from the keyboard player] were excellent and so was Cate le Bon---but by the amount of booing in the bar when the dj was stopped on sunday evening i am not alone in wishing for some music to be played throughout the day---something easily achieved if they left the bar in the same location as last year.

Never heard of Supernormal--off to investigate now.

Oh wow, Supernormal looks excellent.. That's added to my list of "festivals to explore next year if I find a few hundred quid and don't spend it on records". No idea why I'd not considered it before either....

I agree with your comment re the location of the bar at Cloudspotting Mr BPH, especially as the daytime/evening DJs hardly put a foot wrong while I was in there.

Supernormal is perhaps best characterised as the Far Out Stage on steroids.  While it does veer towards the heavier stuff, Green man attendees would have appreciated the likes of Teeth of the Sea, Joanna Gruesome, Thought Forms and Flamingods this year, and there is a strong folk theme too (e.g. Alasdair Roberts and Steven Malley's Dark Northumbrian project).  It is based around an artists colony at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire, so there is a prominent art/experimental side to proceedings.  Beer and food prices are very reasonable and they have an approach to recycling/green issues that puts Green Man to shame.  A super-friendly bunch of people too.  

I tried Indietracks for the first time this year. It has a 5k capacity and was just the perfect size for me. We loved it, Gruff Rhys, Sweet Baboo, Dean Wareham, and Laura J Martin were fantastic. The line up will not be to everyones taste tho. Accomodation is not included in the ticket, but there is a camping site nearby. It has a real DIY flavour to it and is run by people for the love of music rather than commercial gain. Excellent beers and the best merch tent ever. If anyone can suggest another festival with that sort of size I would love to know too. Think maybe I need to do something a bit more folkie next year.

Yes Kransyi it was about a 15 min walk, depends on how fit you are. The campsite its a proper campsite with real toilets and a bar/cafe that seemed to be open most of the night its £25 a night but not that full. Lots of people seemed to stay in B+B nearby and use the free trains to get to the site.

We're not short of choice. I quite like the look of Indietracks too. Second festival for us will include Mrs P. who is not quite as into live music as myself and daughter. I think what we're looking for is a relaxing weekend camping with the added attration of some live music and the rest of the festival vibe.

EOTR would be my first choice but I'd probably want to be in GM stage-dashing mode too much :-)



Just a word of warning if you do go to Indietracks and camp make sure you ask to be in the quiet camping area, which only gets noisey when people are returning from the festival at about midnight-1am. Otherwise the all night disco provided by the campsite can be very loud!

I'll second Krasnyi in recommending Lunar. It was fantastic this year and will definitely do it again next year. I quite fancy Indietracks as well, I've wanted to go the last couple of years but been too strapped. Steam trains and a festival all rolled into one? Yes please! 

And it's Moseley 'Folk' Festival this weekend (inverted commas added deliberately) - the annual opportunity for the local hipsters to turn out in their pointy shoes and annoy us by talking over the music. Aiming to get down the front for Johnny Marr!