one of my highlights this year, for sure

how fucking great were they?

but what a shite audience

me and one other bloke jumping up and down at the front

(the wedding present got the crowd the fannies deserved the following day - not that they didn't deserve it too)

but now got home to the news that that was one of the final TFC shows ever

they're carrying on - but without gerard:

not sure it's really them without all three songwriters...

Yep, I might be biased as they are my favourite band ever but they were amazing, I was a about five rows back and the only one jumping up and down too, when they played He'd Be a Diamond I couldn't believe it. Lots of people seemed to be there for the hits.  

From that performance you would never have guessed they had all this going on behind the scenes, although Gerry has never been the most animated onstage. The statement doesn't seem very amicable. 

It doesn't feel right to me, is Norman or Raymond going to sing Gerry's songs live from next year or will they be cut from the set altogether? When Bill Berry left R.E.M. Michael Stipe said a three-legged dog is still a dog but they were never the same afterwards. 

Four more TFC gigs to look forward this year and then it will feel like the end. Thank God I got tickets for all three nights of the Creation shows. Since Bandwagonesque the Fannies have been Norman, Gerry and Raymond splitting songwriting equally, a true democracy. Lose one of them and it isn't the same band

Loved it and going to the album shows later in the year. One of my favourite bands ever. Seems like an odd time to quit, just as they're getting a lot of great slots and celebrating their Creation records. Feels like the most successful time for them in years! To announce it 2 dates into the new run seems likes he's almost derailing their current success, but I hope Norman and Raymond carry on.

Gerry's released a statement: 

I thought I should say a few words about the Teenage Fanclub situation.
From the outset I didn’t want to do these particular shows, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, specifically because of the flying involved. I flew around the world last year and it’s not something that I would want to do too often in my life. I equally didn’t want to stop anyone from making a living and so it’s completely acceptable to me that the band and crew are able to go ahead with the tour. I didn’t leave the group and I wasn’t kicked out, the idea of this tour eventually became a fork in the road and we have just agreed to go our separate ways. It’s not ideal for any of us but it’s as amicable as it can possibly be. We played a couple of shows at the weekend and I think the group’s still sounding pretty good. We have a couple more festival shows next week and then in October and November we have our full album nights where we get the chance to hook up with Brendan and Paul again. All good.
Change is natural and constant and I completely welcome it. All I can say is that I feel very lucky to have met Norman and Raymond all those years ago. Good innings. Thanks.

Telling that he chose to post it on the Creation records Facebook page rather than the official TFC one.

Teenage Fanclub were absolutely brilliant at Moseley Folk Festival last night. I think I preferred it to their Green Man show. The crowd were a lot more into it, which was a nice surprise. There was even a mini mosh pit. And zero gig talking wankers! Often at Moseley Folk the music is secondary to the day out but it seems fans travelled from all over the country to see one of the final gigs by the proper line up. I know at least one or two travelled from Glasgow.

Talking of which, at 42 years old I probably shouldn't be getting upset at musicians leaving bands but when Gerard Love played his post-Creation songs tonight I did feel really sad that it's the last time I'll ever hear them live.