EOTR line up

i'd have been pretty disappointed if this was the GM announcement


interesting to see who we won't get though

shame about angel olsen

wouldn't go the the foot of our stairs for the pixies

nadia reid, aldous, warmduscher, girl ray and, of course the great Richard Dawson all very splendid choices

Ooh er, so much hostility for Pixies.

To be honest I've only heard a few songs by them, usually after my Spotify playlists come to an end they pop up as suggested tracks, I quite liked those.

I assume that they would be tracks from a while back.

There's nothing in the line-up I'd travel 5 hours to Dorset to see though.

Fantastic first announcement in the Other Place as far as I'm concerned .. pretty decent headliners and lots of interesting and innovative stuff beneath. If GM matches that I'll be more than happy. 

I think the general expectation was that GM would get Angel Olsen so that was a surprise.

Has Angel Olsen been announced as an exclusive booking for EOTR? I guess the likelihood of them sharing a headliner is remote, and I’d say she’s in that category now. Green Man will have to go some to match their first announcement imo, though no doubt quite a few will feature at both. There are as usual quite a few playing EOTR this year who were at Green Man last year, so likely we’ll also get a few who played there last year. 

I'd be very happy if BCNR and Squid were doing both EOTR and GM again.  And definitely hoping WH Lung will also be in Glanusk (they did both in 2017).

It's definitely a shame about Angel Olsen and Richard Dawson but although the line up is certainly strong, it's not got anything particularly surprising on it. A lot of the acts have also been at GM recently. 

GM can still do better - starting with Bat for Lashes!  

Do you reckon? I had assumed he would be quite high up the bill and EOTR an GM rarely share acts that are near the top of their respective line ups. Hopefully he's at both though!