Electric Cool Box Query


We are coming to Green Man for the second time but this time as settlers.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an electric cool box that can be ran off a solar panel with a USB output?

Also how far is Crickhowell from the festival site?



Can't answer the first question.

A lovely 45 minute walk along the river through the fields.

Come back along the canal.

Or the other way round.

By car less than 5 minutes.

Alternatively, you can buy bags of ice from the Waitrose  store outside Abergavenny.  My plan is to take a large cool box and replenish with ice purchased and stored in a large Tupperware type container.  

The Glanusk site says the ‘permissive path‘ is closed until beginning of September.  Doesn’t explain what the permissive path is but seems to be a public route through the estate and may simply be closed for some big event that is coming uP (whatever that can be).  As long as we are alowed to cross the gatehouse bridge as settlers, the riverside walk to crickhowell should be on.

The permissive path is the one that goes right through the middle of the site from the gatehouse up to the road at the top, you can do that all year round except August...

I'd be very surprised if the riverside walk was closed- it's a right of way so unless there's some safety issue they wouldn't just close it without advertising a diversion 

There's no way they're closing off the safest walking route into Crickhowell over the festival weekend. The permissive path closes every year for Green Man

I  think Electric Coolbox Query are on the Rising stage.

The walk along the river has some lovely paddling locations too. (Although the festival doesn't endorse swimming in the river)

I saw that post on the Testicles site and did seem a. It perplexing they’d close that route during the weekend it’s most heavily used. I suspect someone there has read the bit about the closure of the permissive footpath through the Glanusk estate during the festival, added 2+2 and come up with 5. Clearly nonsense. Semi-related, I happened to catch the end of that Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer fishing prog on the box earlier. Thought it looked familiar.

credits thanked Glanusk Estate for allowing them to film there. 

Yeah I was just about to post about that. Plenty of shots of the bridge - from where the path to Crickhowell begins.

Best thing on telly that.