Early Bird Tickets

Another really brilliant Green Man thank you..my best one ever.

Only downside is that there is a real buzz about 2014 and I dont want to miss out on the Early Bird tickets.

Does anyone know when they go on sale..?

just looked back in my e-mail

though 2009, 2010 & 2011 were all early november, last year was the 1st october

and they sold out in 6 hours

just got mine

but fuck me, tickline are a bunch of fucking crooks, aren't they?

sixteen quid for a 'card processing fee'

what the fuck's that?

Got mine...but bought two too many (half asleep and pre occupied by a poorly cat) if any regulars miss out on the early birds xx

are you SURE you didn't pay it?

it was in tiny print at the bottom of the page

i used a debit card too - and got hit with a delivery fee (£6.50) a 'handling' fee (£5.95) plus this 'card processing fee' (£16)

looking at my e-mail receipt it's listed as a 'booking fee' of £6.50 per ticket - x4 - making £16

but said 'card processing fee' on-line

whatever it is, it's a racket...

I think having to deal with Ticketline is the only really bad thing about Green Man.

Their information pages do not suggest that there's any additional charge for paying by credit card nor did I notice anything when I entered payment details, so I got hit by it too.

The attempt to trick people into paying another £10 for their (probably pretty worthless) insurance is another low shot :(

Cannot be doing with ticketline but very glad to have got tickets! Already excited. Definitely best to book as many tickets as possible together to save on the fees.

every year there are endless complaints about ticketline

every year, those complaints are ignored

and every year they reappear as the ticket sellers

I agree Mr ray, the only reason I use ticketline is because I have to for GM, I never use it for any other bookings.  The charges are extortionate.

Tryin to organize for next year. When do usually tickets go on sale (apart from the early bird) and how fast do they sell? Grazie