Early Bird Tickets

Can anyone let me know what time the early bird tickets go on sale this week please?

If Walter happens to pass by, will the 2019 tickets be available exclusively through ticket line as in previous years?

one woof for yes (Two for no - but might need some more information if that is the case)

Looks to me like this year's ticket prices have increased to last year's prices plus booking fees.

Can't remember how much the booking fees were last year but they certainly won't be any cheaper.

Hadn't picked up on the 16 year old /adult ticket thing, Peridot, but it seems unfair that somebody who isn't allowed to come unless accompanied by an adult should be charged the same as an adult.

Thanks for the clarification Walter ... the email about the earlybird sale said they were for 13 - 15 yrs.

One of the great things about Green Man is the number of kids who have grown up with it and developed not just an appreciation of great music, but also the fact that it's not just what you do but how you do it that mattters. It's good to know that will still be encouraged.



Indeed, slip of the paw there! Great to hear Peridot, I know my human-counterparts are always chuffed to hear how many kids have grown up with GM! x woof, grrr, woof

Good stuff.

Thanks for the clarification, Walter.... Have a biscuit x


Kinda is for me too Carnie, as daughter (who was 6 at first GM) will be an adult in three week's time.

Scary how quick the years go by, although at least I haven't aged a bit since 2007 :)

starting to panic as the campervan ticket option is not on the ticketline site!

It should be there once you click through the first option.

Decide Settlers or not?

Then payment plan or not?

Then once you click on whichever of the four options applies, the full range of tickets (adult, teen, student etc.) along with campervan and car park should be available.


All booked 2 tickets and a camper....looking forward to GM number 6!!



going by last years forum posts, there could only have been a handful of campervan tickets available when the full price tickets went on sale. Today is probably your safest bet to get one.

Bit of a farce to be honest with you.... Live in vehicle option sometimes appears sometimes doesn't. No sign of installment payment option.

lots of complaining on FB about settlers live-in

you need a foot thick hardwired cable direct to ticketline's CEO's arse to get one of those, it seems

Non-available as far as I can gather.

Leaves me a little bit stumped..... don't know what to do know that i have my Festival ticket

staffop just posted on another thread with a reply he got from GM on the same topic:

"We'll be releasing an upgrade link in 2019 so that you can upgrade your live-in vehicle ticket to a Settler's live-in vehicle ticket. "

doesn't quite fix your issue - but may be worth sending a direct message to them


perhaps they've immediately realised that they need to rescind that offer!





We will be returning. 

Put your orders in now for post-Brexit illicitly smuggled tax-free goods from the Emerald Isle (Tayto crisps, Bagatelle albums ...) 

to be fair (with the possible exception of swedish acts) have that many continental combos ever played GM?

(cue immediate slew of memory-jogging proofs of my idiocy...)

Struggling to come up with a slew, but I’ll throw in Michael Rother, Hinds and Melody’s Echo Chamber to get the ball rolling. They do have a tendency to focus on Sweden though. 

good call

a german, some spaniards and a frenchwoman to start

MEC are unlikley to tour in the near future - as melody prochet is still in recovery from whatever it was that happened to her

and hinds aren't very good

but i'd like to see rother back - as i managed to miss him last time

Keep thinking of continental acts to counter your argument and then realise the6 were Swedish all along.  Anyway, tallest man on earth is Danish? And long due a return to Glanusk.   

I stand corrected.  Got confused because he is a ‘native of the North Pole’ And that usuallay implies a Dane or Norwegian.

Hey all, to clarify - live-in vehicles can't be upgraded to Settler's live-in vehicle due to space being super limited in Settler's live-in site. Woof, bark, woof, etc x