Early bird ticket buying query

so I'm all set for next Wednesday. Got a friend who wants to join me for Settlers and some others for the weekend.

i did Settlers this year but upgraded my standard ticket by paying on the gate. If you buy an early bird Settlers do you have to buy this in addition to your adult ticket and car park pass? Or do you just buy a Settlers pass and car park pass. I've been asked to give precise purchasing instructions to my friends on what to buy next week. I'm sure I'll manage to work it out on Ticketline but not convinced they will. To boot. some of them are likely to be in a cafe as they're on holiday in a cottage with no internet acces!! Start of new term for me so I'll be at work with internet access but a lousy mobile signal! 

if anyone can advise it would be much appreciated 

Usually you can buy an Early Bird ticket, or an 'Early bird ticket + Settlers'. They tend not to have settlers as a seperate thing as you cannot do it without an actual ticket for the weekend, so. 

You'll need a pass to everyones favorite car park too. If only to hawk on here in the weeks leading up to the festival. 

Fab thanks Nathan that's what I wanted to know so I can give explicit instructions. I've got to buy my own ticket and then rush off to give a talk so won't be on hand to deal with friends queries. Not sure how quickly they will sell out I think I bought mine at lunchtime last year but don't want to take any chances

my understanding is that the settlers go on sale as an extra item later in the year.  The important thing is to get your early bird weekend ticket and then wait for the settlertickets when they go on sale, they do not go on sale at a discount and are also sold on the gate.  so no need to worry about missing out.

I did settlers this year (loved it) and was amazed how busy it was.  How did it compare to previous years in terms of numbers?  My only concern is that there will be a limit and that these might get snaffled up before hand during early bird and general sales.  In other words, the pay on the gate option might not be available.  I like to find something to worry about..

Hmm good point. Perhaps I will buy one, one friend certainly wants to join me for Settlers. I think everyone else will be getting standard early birds and of course car park passes

Settlers are included in the early bird offer, or they were last year. Hoping to snap up an instalment package as I don't have the readies for a full-on splurge at the moment.

The Settlers numbers were certainly greater this year. From a purely selfish perspective i hope they don't increase the numbers available for 2018 (unless i miss out on the instalment plan!)

Thanks Krasyni

yes just seen about their instalment plan. I think I'll tell another friend about that

This might be a questioN For Walter.  When the early bird tickets go on sale, will they be sold through ticket Line, a different intermediary or direct froM the Green Man himself?  Just want to be prepared with logins, passwords etc

Ooh er!

Thanks Carnie, hoping the little ingrates appreciate their parents a little more next year than they did this year then.