Planning to stay in a B&B somewhere near the site and drive in and out to the site every day. Can we drive in and out to the site every day?  If we buy a parking ticket(£5) will that cover all 3 days? If not what's the best way to get to the site from Crickhowell town?


yep - you can drive in and out every day - as often as you want

though if it gets REALLY muddy, it can be a bit of a shag

also yes, the one parking ticket covers you for every day and as many ins and outs as you choose

if you haven't booked at B&B yet, then you'd better get on it

most of them in crickhowell are filled with repeat GMers of many years standing

it can be difficult to get a room

It's a camper van Peridot, for the first time we are doing the holiday thing but taking a car also to go out and about in, just hoping for decent weather.

I considered getting the holiday ticket even though I could only come on the Wednesday, as the holiday live-in area is right beside the roadway so easier to get out of if the weather is anything like last year when it was late afternoon on the Monday before we got away.

Then again, why be in any hurry away from the magic of Glanusk :)


Talking about driving, I can still remember when I experience humilation in public. Public shaming, as what they say I was a vcitim then. A newbie like me commit mistake while driving, it was totally an accident. I’ve taken my focus off of the road. But it was a lesson for me. We all commit error,right?


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