Doves headlining saturday night...

Apparently the greenman advert in Mojo confirms it.

It breaks my heart to say this but it's the end of the road for me...

in more ways than one.

Don't be hasty -  Doves are a fantastic live band.  It's not as though they've gone and booked Scouting For Girls. Or Pendulum.

They should certainly be a damn sight better than Donovan was a few years back. They might attract a few idiots but I don't think your average Oasis/Kasabian fan is going to be too tempted by the rest of the line-up.

If you don't like them, I'm sure there will be something totally different on the other stage...


I really hope that doves are not headling...although a great live band...greenman could have picked someone far superior...there is always something else to find and do but is doves really what greenman is about?

First impression - I was a little bit underwhelmed, just because I didn't think of Doves as a Green Man kind of band. BUT, they were one of Latitude's highlights for me last year, and I'd be very happy to see them after dark. Looking forward to a few more announcements to bring it up to last year's speed.

Hugely uninspiring addition to the line-up. There was lots of speculation last year that Doves were going to headline and we all assumed it was a hoax/joke. Presumably there'll be something infinitely more interesting on at either the GM pub or the Far Out Stage but still a disappointing choice and one which is bound to alienate many GM regulars I'd have thought. I see they're playing V festival the same weekend - a more appropriate pairing. 


On a more positive note I hear rumours that These New Puritans might be playing. If so I hope they bring their enormous Japanese drums and string ensemble. If you haven't heard 'Hidden' give it a go - it's not easy listening by any means (about as far from Doves as you could imagine) but it's original and challenging and quite startling live.  

I can't say I'm particularly happy about this (was convinced it'd be Mogwai) but ah well, the rest of the line-up's incredibly solid.

ah its official now!?/? just a tad disapointed...feel abit let down...although the greenman has tried his best to convince me that it will be amazing...I'm not won over...hello lattitude?? but on a brighter note hello girls and TNP??? now that will be amazing....umm

I think people should calm down a bit here. Personally, I really enjoyed them last year at Latitude, and think they'll put on a fairly nice set at Green Man this year. I understand that a major part of the charm at Green Man is that the line-up is reserved for real music lovers and not just those who flick through NME from time to time but I really don't see this as a major blow. And I think mentioning Liam Gallagher is a little far.

I really can't see a herd of lad rock fans heading down to the Glanusk Park simply because of The Doves, they're just a layed back family friendly band. On the other hand the additions of These New Puritans, Fuck Buttons, Girls and Bear In Heavan are awesome news. 

Not sure I understand all the disappointment here.  They're a decent band and if there's going to be a diverse lineup then that's going to include some that are more MOTR than others.

I'm looking forward to seeing them; or giving them a miss and taking in another of the stages, the bar, campfire, sleep etc

Though I wouldn't count myself as a big Doves fan, they are certainly on the better side of mainstream British guitar bands out there. It's very easy to be disappointed when you are bulding up expectation for a particular band. I was hoping it would be The National, but alas it was not to be. As it stands, I'm interested in seeing each headliner. Last year I was only interested in two of them. Therefore, I can only consider this an improvement.

doves will not disappoint they are excellent live, but there are just so many other great bands to see if they are not to ones taste

It's not just the headliners that leave me a little flat to be honest. There are without doubt a few gems playing this year, but for me the word "few" says it all.  Maybe we were just incredibly spoiled last year? The Animal Collective fiasco didn't really feel too bad in the middle of The Strange Boys, Grizzly Bear, Player Piano, Wilco, Bon Iver, Pivot, The Soundcarriers, Andrew Bird etc etc etc...

I appreciate how hard it must be for "The Big Green One" in an increasingly competitive festival market to please everyone all the time, but unfortunately for me, there isn't enough this year to give the wing tingling pleasure this fairy demands.

For the Doves lovers... I've seen them live at another festival.  They played well. They hit the right notes.  They kept the crowd happy and as the saying goes - they did what it said on the tin.  All very..nice...They were suited to "that" festival. My personal opinion is that they are not particularly suited to "this" one.

And that's my point really, and forgive me for going on, but this years line-up is all a bit "nice" and not enough naughty.


I have mixed emotions on this one. Why not Decemberists, Modest Mouse, Polyphonic Spree, Bonnie Prince Billy, .... On the one hand whilst the Doves are great, I'm sure I could go to TitP or some other knobhead fest and see them. At the same time they are 'decent' live. If we ignore the fact Doves are a waste of a headline slot, so many other good acts announced today and previously. Simone Felice - top draw. His 'full band' songs in The Duke and the King, are f'in quality. Beirut, Unthanks, Flaming Lips, anything with the Pictish Trail in has to be good, saw Wild Beasts last week and they are a solid act. So much to look forward to. I remember when SFA were announced a few years ago when the capacity was increased, I thought it was a big mistake, it was. But there were so many other good acts that weekend, it didn't matter. Can't wait to discover other new acts this year. Lets make Doves the only slip up for this years line up, and get Midlake, Deer Tick and The Low Anthem announced!

While itd be a lie to say im not disappointed by  this announcement ( I had let my imagination run wild with wonderful possibilities, and this  felt like being handed a damp newspaper mid daydream),  it hasnt  dulled my overall excitement , Jarvis cocker  headlining last year was not  my cup of tea at all, but i was elsewhere when he was   performing and Ill  be elsewhere when the doves are on...having a really great time. Unless Im on fire.

Doves - oh dear oh dear oh dear!!!!!!! what next Snow Patrol - GUTTED! dreadful decision, especially after the amazing Wilco last year.

You know I think I'd nearly convinced my friend to come with me to Green Man, until he saw that Doves were one of the headliners, and he asked why on earth I would want to stand in a field with someone who was a fan of Doves. This is a guy who desperately wants Gary Glitter to tour so he can see him live (I'm not joking here). Horrible band.

Having said that, although Bonnie "Prince" Billy or someone would be preferable, there will be other bands on other stages.

We can always bottle them off, too.....

And this shows exactly why I've lost some affection for GM over the past 4 or 5 years. I doubt very much people would be talking of bottling off a band when I first visited GM back in 2006. The announcement of SFA and increase in capacity saw to it that an element of dick heads attend the festival. Doves will continue this element this year.


Can't wait. Wish I'd waited and bought tickets for End of the Road.

No-one's going to bottle anyone off, it was a joke. Next time I'll put lol next to anything said with a smile =)