Done well and must try harder

So what do we think was done well at this years GM and what do they need to try harder at?


The site was kept really clean - The Litter pickers did a great job

Main Stages went on later than many other festivals

The people! So many nice people

The Mountain stage and whole immediate area was beautiful. The extra stairs and walkways etc were good especially if it had been muddy (So glad the screens are back after they went missing two years ago)

Lots of matting, rubber flooring, straw and woodchips all around the site

The stewards (Im biased as I was one but I thought they were a great team)


Too many queues at the Loos

More dirty edgy guitar music (Very personal I know!!... and thank you for the Fat White Family)

Comedy lineup improving but still not very strong

Programs running out and the new A4 format. It wont fit in my bag. The small A5 ones were much easier to carry around. 



This was my 5th festival this year and I missed GM last year. Coming to it this year made me realise what a special festival it is.

I'd agree on the stewarding - always very well done. 

The opening of the path through from the main gate area to the Lit/Comedy tent end of the site was a real life-saver this year. Thanks GM for responding to the feedback on this.

The organisation of the live-in vehicle area was also much improved - filling the site from the back outwards and with marked out pitch areas for each unit. Caused a few problems for the piss-takers who expected to erect a couple of 10-man tents beside their camper and pile all their mates in.

The extended range of food outlets was welcome - not that I had much time to try them with all the good music on offer.

Moving the mixing desk back in the Walled Garden was a simple but effective improvement and having stewards on hand to manage the conflict through the side gate was helpful.

The screens in (and outside) the Far Out tent were fab, and I thought the sound quality was better in here than previous years.


Suggestions for improvement -

Need better management of the loo queues at the Courtyard area - seperate the loos into two distinct blocks, and a few more would do no harm.

Presentation of stage times in the programme was hopeless - We all love the clashfinder - do it in that format.

If the crowds are as big as this - more / bigger bars are needed. I'd have spent a lot more money in the Courtyard Bar if I didn't have to queue for 20 mins or more every time.