Anyone used this app for tickets? i haven't yet, being fairly new to the smartphone world. Read of lots of people using it to get Nick Cave tickets, very easy and quick to use and, most importantly, NO FEES! That's right, no booking charges.

Yes, had it recommended by a friend who I often go to gigs with; been using it for a few months now, and all seems to be fine. For the gigs I've booked, which tend to be for smaller London venues, your tickets are stored in the app so you just need your smartphone to get into the gig, and you can re-assign them to someone else should you not be able to go, although I've not had to do this yet.

For preference, I do now buy using Dice - what I'm not sure of is whether they only get a limited allocation of tickets, so that like this morning when I wanted to buy tickets for Moon Duo + Baba Naga @ Heaven, Dice said 'not currently available' and I ended up having to buy them through Songkick (and therefore having to pay 'postage'). I guess if they do only get a limited allocation, as more people use Dice, it will always sell out first as folk don't want to be paying booking fees and/or hoping Mr (or Ms) Postman actually pops the ticket through the right letterbox.

PS. Been waiting to see Baba Naga again ever since last year's Saturday night wig out on the Rising Stage.

I've used it a fair bit without any problems. Re-asigning tickets used to be a bit of a faff but I think they've made it a lot easier since.

I like to have a printed ticket but it's generally a costly option these days, if available at all.


I was surprised when I turned up to see Meilyr Jones in Oxford a few months back that as soon as I mentioned Dice they greeted by my first name on the door. Turns out it was a list of one! Surprised more people haven't picked up on it when there are no booking fees attached. I still miss the good old days of physical tickets, but I rarely see those anymore, and I have little inclination to keep a printout for posterity. 

without being on this forum, I would not have heard of DICE and looking at the site it looks pretty good.  Just need to check that what you download on one device syncs with another, I.e. If I buy a ticket on my iPad can I enter the gig with my android phone?

currently use bands in town, which is simply a gig listing which then links to the ticket outlet.  Looks like DICE might be the complete package.  Mind you, I still want to remain loyal to the small ticket shops, like Bristol Ticket Shop which do so much to promote  music.

Bought a loaf of sliced bread last week and it was pretty good.  A website that uses f*** the touts as its credo might just be the best thing since sliced bread.  


I'm not sure how it works across platforms as I've only used it on my phone, but would have thought it'd make no difference as the tickets are presumably attached to the account rather than the device. That said it uses your mobile phone number to send an SMS access code so I'd have thought it's easiest just to purchase from phone anyway, and it's remarkably straightforward to do so. There'll still be plenty of opportunities to support the likes of Bristol Ticket Shop too as it does only cover certain promoters and venues, usually smaller ones, though I notice it's even possible to purchase tickets for Download Festival through Dice now. How great would it be if we could buy Green Man tickets that way rather than Ticketmaster?! Food for thought next year Walter?

Got it on iPad and phone.  Recognises your mobile number and sends a one of PIN number each time you need to sign on afresh and whichever device you are using.it would be nice to buy gm tickets through a site that does not charge booking fees etc.  i would just be happier to think of gm getting all the money (to spend on us) rather than to a third party.

Curiously I see Green Man tickets are now available via Dice. Probably a bit late for most of us this year, but might be an option next year. 

minus the INSANE fees that ticketline charge?

definitely an option

would probably make ordinary tickets on DICE as cheap as early birds from TL

Looks like most of the fees are actually included in the price so not quite the usual DICE model.

The ease of ordering and certainty of delivery could still be a winning factor though.


As you said Peridot, it looks like there's not that much difference as the fees are still there, which isn't usually the case with Dice. Still a saving to be made I think as there's no postage cost, but not going to match the earlybird price.