Day splits

Just out. Every day looks likely to result in clashes - too many good acts to see!

Thanks Walter, much appreciated to get this information early.  And always happy to see BSP.

Was thinking of doing a Clashfinder to discover someone had beat me to it : https:///s/gm2017/

At first glance, Friday looking like a complete nightmare clash-wise for me.  Saturday and Sunday rather more relaxed.

If that clashfinder is accurate then I'm very pleased. I've just highlighted 20 must sees and there's not too much overlap at all. 

There will however be some serious dashes between stages.

Michael Chapman in the Walled Garden will be sweet and what better way to start a festival than a Happyness/ Fionn Regan/ HFTRR Friday afternoon combo? 

Looks like there's a YTK / Kiwanuka decision to be made! 

Oh no! Most of the ones I really want to see are on Sunday, and some awful clashes. If it's been wet, we'll be gone by Sunday night. Can't belive I have to choose between PJ Harvey, Sleaford Mods and Methyl Ethel (apart from anything else). I'd better start finding something else to love. 

Nooo, I've already played this one out in my head, garden, sun and plenty of drunken shenanigans!

Whoever had a Summer of Love in a tent!

you've been and gone and upset mr ray, walter

will check the clashfinder tomorrow in case it stops me sleeping tonight

immensely happy about the mighty Sea Power

and immensely happy they are not playing in the tent


This will look very good indeed when they add Public Service Broadcasting with a special late night set in the tent...

Not too bad at all for me clash wise, assuming the clashfinder is roughly accurate. Lambchop and Trembling Bells have a bit of a crossover. Saint Etienne and Timber Timbre - I think that's it. 

With such a great line-up clashes were always going to be a nightmare.

The only one that upsets me is Kate Tempest and Pumarosa on Friday night as both have been on my wishlist long before the line-up was announced. However wild horses couldn't keep me away from the front row at Kate Tempest so there's no real decision to be made.

Sunday night is a bad one too but by that stage it's all down to mood and I could happily go for any of the options.

IF rhe clash-finder is anything like accurate then I can live with it.

The possible Shirley Collins/Alasdair Roberts clash is a bit thoughtless  - likely to attract similar audiences surely?

Might have to forego Thee Oh Sees in favour of YTK

Also nasty looking possible Field Music/Conor Oberst clash on the Sunday.

Exciting though but innit?

I saw that frst clash, and immediately thought that it cannot be right as Alex Nielson has recently been drumming with Alastair Roberts (again) and working with Shirley Collins. I cant see him being at Glanusk and not appearing with both. So.... slightly different timetables this year, I reckon. 

Don't worry Walter, we do all know that (hopefully).  It does however give us a feel for how the days might shape up; to do some extra listening to decide what to do if there was a clash between 2 or 3 acts that we wanted to see; and of course to have something to talk about.

I guess we are assuming though that the latest poster has the acts in (roughly) the right order by day, even though we know the exact timings won't be right and that there may the odd other act still to be slotted in somewhere.

GospelbeacH - Maybe in a minority but I'm delighted that they're in the tent! Most of my highlights over the years have been in there. Also, very happy to see Michael Chapman in the Walled Garden, can get close enough to have a look at some of those chord patterns!

Don't get too close Chrissied. You might spot that extra guitarist he's been hiding all these years!! (Surely 1 man can't make that sound by himself)

Not too many clashes for me this year although with Green Man confirming on Facebook that PJ Harvey and Sleaford Mods won't clash it does throw up the possibilty of Field Music and Conor Oberst being on at the same time.

I'm assuming Sleafords will be After Dark like Fat Whites were last year as opposed to PJ doing a Van Morrison and going on earlier in the day.

Clashtastic for me but then I'm coming on my own this year for the first time so intend seeing as much as is humanly possible.

I didn't think they did the really late night stuff on Sunday?

The Far Out starts up again after the fireworks and goes on most of the night, but that's generally what some might call a late-night disco. Sleaford Mods could possibly fit into that slot though. The Mountain Stage does wrap-up a fair bit earlier than the pre-fireworks Far Out headliner as well though. I can see why they don't publish actual times beforehand, but it would be so useful to have that info a few weeks in advance, like Glastonbury does. I'd still buy the programme regardless, but I guess the likelihood is they would sell considerably less, and it can't be cheap to produce. We'll have to make do with the best-guess clashfinder I guess, accepting there'll be a few pleasant surprises as well as a couple of unexpected clashes once we get the real thing. All-in-all though I'm more than happy with the split/stages. It does make it all feel that bit closer doesn't it?

Happy with the news tht PJ Harvey and Sleaford Mods wont clash - that was my biggest clash from the first draft.

It could of couse now mean that PJ clashes with Saint Etienne which is also a shame.

As others have said, with a line up as good as this year, its almost impossible to get away without a clash...

Van Morrison was on early evening so he could back to bed in Northern Ireland.  No other headline act are going to turn down the chance of the latest slot on mainstage, work the audience who have had a few drinks, having a good time and added spectacle of a light show.