day-by-day break down of the 2013 line-up


I'm finally allowed to share the day-by-day break down of the 2013 line-up with you!!

Walter x

I think you misunderstood Ray's sense of disappointment to be honest Walter. As i understood it, it was nothing to do with any additional charge for the programme, but everything to do with maintaining  grammatical standards on this forum

We like it just the way it is Walter, and I for one couldn't be more pleased with the lineup this year, unless of course you could throw Goat in as a late addition in one of those tbc slots! I'd be interested to know what bands you would have liked to book but were priced out of getting. The day it becomes the Carling Green Festival would be the day I stop going

Ah well. At least they got Melody's Echo Chamber. To be honest, I look at the line-ups of most of the bigger festivals and just think thank god I don't have to endure that

I did like the odd act at Glasto this year, however the likes of Dizzie Rascal and Rizzle Kicks made me feel nauseous.  Roll on GM13.

From the two minutes of Professor Green's set I saw on the telly box you should at least be thankful you missed that. Sure there's something for everyone at Glastonbury, but I prefer something a little smaller and more niche myself, and Green Man firs the bill perfectly for me

My god Wakestock, I saw a bit of that, truly awful. But looking on the bright side Fuck Buttons new cd was streaming on Pitchfork yesterday, sounds wonderful

Just noticed memory band have been added to the friday line up in the walled garden---will bring back memories of the old Baskerville Hall days.

In previous years there has been a link posted to a spreadsheet with projected times which has been really useful inn planning who to see and knowing what clashes there might be. Is this available anywhere?

Right so it's midnight. My nephew is gonna be gutted, Ben Howard clashing with Joe Driscoll in Chai Wallah. Life is sooooo unfair!

IF your stewarding would you be able to swap shift with someone, lets say if it over lapped your favourite band?


Will there be an actual shedule made available prior to the opening of the festival?

I will be travelling from Belgium and want to make the most of both the wonderful music at GreenMan and the scenery the festival is set in. I plan to go for a long walk in the mornings so I would like to know at which time I need to be at the festival. Have had a look at the Green Man Clashfinder and if this is somewhat in tune with the actual timings it should be fine.

Greets,... looking forward travelling to Crickhowell in about 10 days.


Hi Jostblobr. There's unlikely to be anything official before the festival starts but there is never anything on earlier than around noon so you'll have time to "stretch your legs" with a walk beforehand.

The festival programme that you can buy when you pick up your wristband will have the full stage times and lots of other useful information. 

Hi Guismo,

Indeed, it seems there will be 'Belgians' at Green Man and not just 'a Belgian'.



Only now have I had a proper look through the clashfinder (mny thanks Fraz!) and I find I have plenty of time on Friday and Saturday to hang out in Einstein's Garden with my daughter whereas Sunday? Holy feck! Some dfficult decisions to make.

The inevitable consequence of an insanely great line-up Krasnyi. Friday not looking too bad from my point of view but both Saturday and Sunday will have terrible decisions to be made. 

Kings of Convnience and Fuck Buttons - two of my very favourite bands - are on at the same time!. How do I choose between twee Norweigan folk-pop and, well, whatever it is that Fuck Buttons do?


Green Man facebook has just stated that Matt Berry will be on after Patti Smith so i'm guessing she will be on about nine o'clock

i'd forgotten about johhny's fence night in the cinema tent

obvious choice!

and i was probably only being a bit of a git before (i know, right?!)

i actually quite like fuck buttons

the attraction of KOC baffles me though

ray_rad, you disappoint me.

You gave me hope that I was not the only one to fail to see the point of Fuck Buttons and now that hope is dashed.

And as for your use of "I know, right?!", well words fail me.

I'm just going off facebook why Green Man state that Matt Berry will be now on stage in a weeks time following Patti Smith--they posted that at 11pm.It is all a bit hazy but i think i remember Savages were on after the headliner Adam Buxton last year.

okey doke


works for me

no interest in berry

so saves sitting through him to get to patti!

Does anybody know if The Urban Folk Quartet will be returning to Green Man this year with Chai Wallahs? They were so amazing last year, one of my favourite acts, and i was saddened by their absence on the line up this year... however, according to this Green Man news article, the Chai Wallahs website,, and The Urban Folk Quartet's website too,, they are coming back! I was just wondering if anybody could confirm for me, and also whether anybody knows why they're not on the line up if they are!

Thanks everyone


Hi Joe, my guess would be that there's been an error in the listings on this website. They were on the original Chai Wallas list and, as you say, everything else points to their gracing us with their presence on Sunday. Hopefully Walter can comfirm.

I take it you would recommend them :)

obviously all depends on taste, but i am quite the fan, definitely a good'n for no holds barred dancing, audience participation and generally a great time if that's your thing!