I'm a Green Man regular for the past 7 years, with the exception of last year (long story).

I made a bit of a balls up this year, and instead of purchasing a ticket for the East car park, purchased a live in vehicle ticket.  When I realised my mistake I contacted Ticketline and east had gone.

Furry muff and all that.  Purchased 2 tickets for west car park and have them in hand, but since then I took a spill down the stairs and tore the tendons in my left knee and ankle.  I'm off crutches now, but my left knee is still in geriatric mode.

Have been given GM contact info and have fired off several emails, but had no reply.  Sent one to the info address and had a curt reply stating sold out.  Replied to that requesting info regarding where west is and not had a reply to that what-so-ever.  All that seemed to happen is I was removed from the Green Man mailing list!!  THANKS GM!

End of day, I have a live in vehicle pass, and would like to exchange it for a East Parking permit -difference.

Please PM me if anybody would be as kind to accomodate.