Conor Oberst - Salutations

Has anybody got this yet? The new songs are really good, but I kind of wish he'd left the Ruminations stuff on Ruminations. I thought it was his best record in years, no need to give those songs the full band treatment, it's what made the album so special to me. Also now I'm so used to the Ruminations track listing the songs feel out of sequence on Salutations. 


Been listening to Salutations and loving it.  Songs I know but sounding different.  very ambitious releasing the same album twice, albeit in a Different order and with a band but for me it works.  Imagine if Dylan had released, say, another side of bob dylan with a band, instead of highway 61 revisited.  That to me is what it feels like.  And Salutations does sound very much like highway 61 in parts.  Love both albums (oh and there are subtle lyric changes).

After only one listen to Salutations I'm still undecided, but my initial feeling is it naturally lacks the rawness and immediacy of Ruminations, though I'd have probably loved it if I hadn't heard the original versions. That said it's nice to have both really, and I think the full band versions will be great on the Mountain Stage. I'd take an early hours solo set in the Walled Garden, or in the Rough Trade tent as a bonus though.