I found UKmountie's clashfinder really useful last year, and as he's not able to attend the festival this year I've had a stab at making one myself: I've only included the Mountain Stage, Far Out and Walled Garden for now, but could add other stages if we get any info on what's happening on what day.

The times are all based on last year, so there's an excellent chance they'll all turn out to be completely wrong but hopefully this should at least give you a rough idea of what might be on when. 

(Seriously, please don't plan your weekend entirely based on this - buy a programme and check the actual times, as I'd hate to be responsible for anyone missing their favourite band!)

Well done Fraz and thank you - it is a great format to give a rough idea of timings...don't worry, nobody will hold you to account on here. (Although I'm hoping Patti might be on a bit earlier than your estimate.)

It's all getting very exciting!

Brilliant Fraz ... thanks for that.

I had assumed that Pattie Smith was one of the 'TBCs' (but moved to Thursday night). Without an update from the Green Man himself we can't be sure.



Good work Fraz. Glad to see someone's risen to the challenge. It's a shame they don't publish the actual times, because it's really handy having one of these to do a bit of pre-festival planning. I for one would still by the programme regardless

I've just made a quick change to the Thursday times - they looked a bit weird, as I'd tried to fit four acts into the same time that five acts had on the Thursday last year. Hopefully it looks a bit more sensible now! There's always a chance we'll get another band (or more) announced for the Thursday though, so that's probably the day where the times are most likely to be wrong.

Amazingly the clashes are nothing like as bad as I feared for me, if the times are anywhere near accurate. Admittedly that's not allowing for Julian Cope or Robert Wyatt in the Talking Tent (or whatever they're calling the Literature Tent now), or the Fence night in the Cinema Tent on the Friday night

Brilliant!! Thank you Fraz. It even syncs seamlessly to my calendar on Macbook and iphone!! Good work. Getting excited now!

So helpful!  Although any plans went out the window last year as the mud was so deep, slowing things up I moved around less.........which DID mean I saw some great stuff I might not have otherwise so all good!

Sunday from about 5.00pm to the end is going to be bloody nuts! Wheras Friday looks like being a gentle day of moooching around largely. 

I've now updated the Clashfinder to include Fanfarlo on the Sunday. On the Line Up page it now looks like Fanfarlo will be playing first thing on the Friday, so I've shuffled the main stage times around for that morning.

Good work. There hasn't been a recent poster with the break has there? I imagine it must all be pretty much finalised by now for them to design and print the programmes, but wonder whether they might have moved anything around since that last version?

No new poster that I've seen. I wonder if there will be another announcement soon to fill in the few remaining TBCs, or if this is our lot now...

Hmmm... on one of their Facebook updates last evening they said 'in a fortnight Phosphorescent will be on Mountain Stage, Dark Star gearing up for the Far Out, and The Memory Band will be on the Walled Garden stage'. Guess we're going to have to wait until we get there and buy the programme to really get an accurate idea

From experience, when are the exact timetables available at GM festival?

edit: cannot delete my post and saw the answer in another topic, sorry

Clashfinder has now been updated to fill in the blank spaces where the TBCs previously were!

Huw M posted on Twitter that they'd be playing at 1pm on the Sunday, so the times for the Walled Garden on Sunday are definitely a bit out - not quite sure how to fix them though.

as it stands, phosphorescent and moon duo clash on the friday

roy harper and arbouretum clash on the saturday

and woods could well clash with anna von hausswolff on the saturday

it's like somebody up there doesn't like me

Curses, I hadn't noticed the Phosphorescent/Moon Duo clash. Missed Moon Duo at Latitude assuming I'd see them here. Saw Local Natives there, very good they were too so I'll go with BSP

I've seen BSP earlier in the year and will see them again at the end of the month at Moseley Folk but the idea of them playing and me being a few hundred yards away and not seeing them is just too weird for words.

The memory band have tweeted to say that they're playing at 5:15 on the Friday too, so all times have got to be taken with a pinch of salt (thinking about the Van Morrison set time last year too)

A few times have been confirmed on Twitter, e.g. bands on Thursday start at around 4:30, Matt Berry is on around 11:00, Mt. Wolf are on at 11:30... I've updated the clashfinder to fit all those in as much as I can but yeah, take most of the times with a fairly large pinch of salt.

Let's hope the pinch of salt is big enough to separate Sam Amidon and Phosphorescent from Parquet Courts.


(does that even make sense?)


though only in a linguistic sense

The Thursday times have now been confirmed on FB and Twitter (thanks Green Man!) so I've updated the clashfinder accordingly.

If I get time this evening I'll have a look at the Chai Wallahs line up and see if I can add something for those.