Cinema tent, what would you like to see?

 Some Chechslovakian New Wave, Keneth Anger, Brit Horror, Radio On, Chris pettit, Russian Avant Garde- New Babylon with the Shostakovich Score or Kuleshov movies Italian Lesbian Vampire...and on Saturday night???.....

Jonathan Miller's - Alice in Wonderland
Truly the best ever Alice with such a psychedelic feel with the ol sitar drone score by Ravi Shankar.

Karel Zeman - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Baron Prášil)
Not the Terry Gilliam version but this beautiful far superior out of this world film.

Tsui Hark - Zu warriors from magic Mountain
This is without a doubt one of the greatest films ever made. Although the plot is slightly confusing to begin with, it is worth bearing with it as you will be treated to some of the greatest and most unique fight sequences ever seen.

Or any Roy Andersson films like You the living or Songs from the second floor..

Drunkenly rambling back to my tent a couple of years ago my missus pushed me down the hill... If I were sober I would have broken something.

 Why, exactly, did your missus push you down the hill????? Did you pass remarks during her favourite film? At least you didn't meet Uncle Monty in the dark.

 i agree with blood tea and read string, the shiver of the vampire would be good at 2am and maybe some vintage sci fi 

umm I'm sure you deserved to be pushed down a hill

Some vintage Scf Fi would be awesome as would a few old hammer house of horror films.


And I suppose I did deserve pushing down the hill... But only she will ever know the truth.

Something fun and quirky? With probably not much brain power needed to watch! Like 101 - Rekjavik, How to Be.

Also, someone with a copy of ANY MST3K episode would be awesome for laughs.

  MST3K would be brilliant 

but i suppose what i would most like would be an excellent film that is an example of a style i am unaccustomed to.


Sci-fi: Some animation by Rene Laloux perhaps...Fantastic Planet, Les Maitres du Temps, or Gandahar...

What about films set in/around the Great Outdoors??? Like The Return (beautiful Russian film), Insomnia (Chris Nolan), Y Tu Mama Tambien, Easy Rider, Tulpan, Into the Wild, The Story of the Weeping Camel/The Cave of the Yellow Dog...

so, official info has been announced about 'who' is doing 'what' in the cinema tent...

in that case, i thought i'd let people know that my group 'The Big Eyes Family Players' are performing soundtracks to some short films by Czech film-maker/animator Jan Svankmajer in that very tent. We'll be doing this on the Friday afternoon, sometime between midday and 3pm...not sure exactly when yet....

you can find out more about us at:

Looking forward to it, and hope to see you there!