I was strolling by the Green Man  cider bar and saw the menu of 16 "local" ciders most of which are top quality award winning ciders which I enjoy drinkiing at festivals in Wales.

However on page 77 of the Green Man Programme 30 different, local small batch ciders are promised. Where are the other 14?  And the ciders listed from two of the producers are definitely not small scale. There are many small scale award winning cidermakers in Wales.  Why are they not on offer? 

There is even a genuinely local cidermaker, based just three miles from Green Man... Brecon Beacons Cider with an award winning range of ciders including Black Mountains Beauty and Sugar Loaf .Now that is local!



Given the reduction in the amount of ciders from when the beer & cider festival started i think we're lucky to get 16!

And apart from the Stoke Oak I'm pretty sure it the selection was the same as last year, unlike the (excellent) beer range.