Card payments?

Sorry for the embarassingly newbie question. Is it all cash only, or do some places do contactless? Would hate to run out of cider/food at a crucial moment.

I think there are a handful of places that take card (the Rough trade tent, I think, is one) but I'd try and take cash as much as you can. There's also a cash machine on site.

I'm trying to remember whether the cash machine usually charges you to use it. I think it does.

By the way, I've never heard of pickpockets or anything like that at GM. Nowhere is 100% safe, but I'd imagine you're more secure carrying money at GM than most festivals.

The cash machines do charge.

Did the bars start taking card payments last year or am I imagining that?

Some food stalls certainly did but it's on an individual basis rather than a general rule.


Think the problem is that only some of the site has a good enough phone signal for most machines to work. So even if they have a card machine, it might struggle. And that's why the cash machine is right at the top of the site.