Caravan/Campervan questions/advice/settlers

Hello all

I am enjoying this forum and getting excited about next week - can't wait.

We are in the Settlers caravan field and bringing along a caravan for the first time (anywhere, never had one before- so newby caravaners) .

To be honest we are bringing it purely as storage as the 5/6 of us can not fit all the camping gear needed for 8 days in the car, so we bought a cheep small 2 berth caravan instead of a trailer. 

So here the questions:

a. we are sleeping in a tent, which is not small, how much trouble will we get into if we squeeze it in early Monday morning along with Caravan in a corner  ? Have no intention on keeping car there, it can go back into car park so won't be taking up any space in field. It all seemed very relaxed last year, people were just camping anywhere even on the fire lanes . I am starting to panic as I just read in the website "faqs" that only a awning is allowed - but I am sure I saw loads of tents in the caravan field last year and there was plenty of space ? Eeeks !

b. we ripped the toilet out and made it into a wardrobe but we still have the sink - is it worth bringing along the water butts, is there somewhere to fill them for the campervan field or is it easier washing up in the common area (it was such a mud bath last year by Friday)

c. except a leveller, any other advice ?