camping areas

We want to buy tickets (2 adults, 1 infant, 1 car, tent camping) but we're not yet certain if we want to camp normally in the family camping OR camp next to a friend who has a live-in vehicle, for convenience, in the live-in vehicle field. Do we need to specify this when buying tickets, or can we decide later?  We're not sure if the friend with the live-in vehicle will be camped in that field or with crew, as she's working.  Thanks

Hi hanstrad

You can decide later. Your camping is covered in the main festival ticket price so you automatically have that option available if you are not camping beside your friend.

Remember to also get a car parking ticket for the family camping car park as you won't be able to bring your car into the live-in area. The family camping car park will be the nearest one for the live-in are too.