Camping already have festival ticket


we already have our festival tickets but we've managed to wangle a few extra days off work and are thinking about camping at GM from the Tuesday before the festival.
Is this possible?
Do we need to buy a full Settlers pass or can we pay for select number of days prior. And can we buy this on its own because we already have our festival tickets.

Appreciate any advice.


my understanding is it is only the settlers pass that is available and Allows camping from Monday morning.  remember  it is not just camping that is included but lots of activities, evening music, cafe and a bar.  Sure there would be very reasonable camp sites nearby but do you really want to miss the extra settler activities or, more significantly, take down and pack your tent Thursday only to have to queue to get in the site before unpacking and Re-erecting later on.  Cannot find what time you have to arrive by but could you consider arriving Monday evening? Sure you would have people on hand to help out with your t3nt if it was getting late.

settlers Tickets are available separately, as an add on to festival tickets already purchased, it is how I got mine after I messed up on my early bird booking.  

I don't think you have to arrive on the Monday. I looked into it previously and there was a last entry for settlers sometime on the Wednesday although I can't find the detail now.

The upgrade charge is the same whether you arrive on the Monday or later. In previous years it's been possible to pay the upgrade fee on the gate. I'm sure it'll be the same this year.


If you buy a Settelr's Pass you can enter the site any time between Monday and Wednesday. 

In previous years it's been the case that you can turn up with your regular festival ticket and pay the difference on the gate but I think Settler's has become a victim of its own success because Green Man on Twitter is advising people to buy in advance as there is no longer a guarantee of pay-on-the-gate entry.