Campervan Field

Did everyone get out when they wanted to get out after? Our camp of 3 vans & a caravan got in first thing Thursday and were put bumper to bumper on the side of a fire lane starting by the toilets. We could see the field fill gradually over the next hour or so and could see that everyone was going in bumper to bumper with no fire lanes meaning loads would have been stuck in the middle and woundnt have been able to get out until others moved. Never seen this at a festival for like 20 years? Not sure why this happened as there was loads of room on the hill above. Inexperienced marshalls? 

My first visit to the campervan field.  Certainly those around us that left Sunday evening had no problem getting out.  I thought there was plenty of room and the wasp nest in the toilet always meant a clean loo was available too.  Happy campers here.

I didn't notice anyone having a problem getting out. Once a small number of units move there are usually a few options for routes out.

Unfortunately it's just not possible to leave the kind of space around campers that would have any real effect in the event of a fire. We just have to hope that the worst never happens. At least the way they fill the field now is efficient and avoids the long queues that were a problem in previous years.


I believe there was less  staff this  year. Parking the campervan was a bit of a free for all.

I was in a area  where the firelanes were not clear.