Bringing a toddler - advice

Hi there,

I have been to Green Man I don't know how many times - I've lost count. But this year we are coming with our daughter, who will be nearly 20 months by then. I am a wee bit nervous and would love some advice, specifically on things like routine - do you just forget it and wing it? What happens at bedtime or do they just fall asleep in a pushchair or something? And naps? At the moment, our daughter sleeps for 2 hours at around 11.30. Do we try and do this in the tent, or just out and about? Did you use a pushchair or wagon thing?

I would love to hear from someone who has been there and done that - I'm pretty relaxed about the bands I do or don't see but I just want to make sure I make it a fun time for our little girl.

Cheers :-)


We've been going since 2007 when our youngest was just 18 months. Those who remember 2007 will remember how bloody awful the weather was - a buggy, push-chair or trolley would have been worse than useless that year. Some kind of sling or back-pack would be a better bet. If the weather's OK they'll fall asleep pretty much anywhere. I've seen a few sets with a small child asleep at my feet. Wet and muddy conditions make huge difference though and you'll find daytime sleeps will have to be back at the tent. Our two are 10 and 8 now and I know I'll have to accept that I won't get to see everything I want - but with toddlers I guess you have to be even more flexible. Seem to remember hiding behind bins and splashing in the mud were the two big attractions of 2007 (for the kids that is, I couldn't hide behind a bin).

2007 was just a practice session for the biblical weather of 2008 which I imagine was a complete nightmare for anyone with young kids.

Did Green Man last year with a 22 month old (plus a 7, 10 and 12 year old) - first Festival ever!

We took a Mountain Buggy, it was good on grassy slopes and meant that he had a bed when needed. We went with the flow, found that he woke up now and again (including Lighting the Green Man - magical)

Only item I missed out on was ear defenders - felt that I'd be a very bad parent taking him into Far Out tent with many of the acts.

As for the test, we took an extra tent which we used just as a buggy park and storage - that certainly helped.

Little Folk became a firm favourite too, and near enough to Mountain Stage to pop off to see stuff as required.