turns out more people are cunts than even i imagined

A very sad day.

To our friends in Scotland, we were glad you stayed with us in 2014 but if you vote to leave the uk now, we wish you well and have a prosperous future as an independent nation within Europe.

i cast my vote with the younger generation in mind. It appears that they couled see the benefit of remaining in Europe, but this is now cruelly taken away.  To all those under Eighteen who were denied a say on their future, they will be the ones who will have to pay for our chance to throw our toys out of the pram.  My only hope is if we can see what a disaster this is becoming early on, those who voted exit will say 'hang on, this is not what you promised i want another chance at voting'.  Is another referendum a possibility? we have to give two years notice, and in year there could 1m new voters coming of age who want seize a better future. 

What an utter balls up.

I have not been so cross in ages as I was today. Unfortunately, I CAN believe how people were conned by the promises and lies that they were fed which has left us where we are today.

My only hope is that generally things do tend to sort of work out, eventually, but by christ I am cross and quite frankly upset.

Gonna have to go and calm down again now...

Not very good at posting links to other sites etc. But there are many petitions asking for a second referendum.  In some cases it will just be condemned as being a bunch of bad losers.  However there is one that supports what I said above, hold the referendum again allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote. It is their future more than anyones (apart from the under 16's) and they should be listened to! Even the UN says that the views of children must be considered when making important decisions that directly affect them.

As an academic and politcal scientist, one of the excerable Gove's 'experts'  should ahve something erudite and compelling to say on the issue.

Fuckety fucking fuck!

to anyone who said we needed to come out because we won the war and do not want to be ruled by the Germans!  One of the Polish ministers said to Britain, do not expect Polish Airmen to come over and fight for you again!  So true, the few of the Battle of Britain included many  Polish and other nationalities. We betrayed them after the war, letting them be occupied by the Russians and now they feel betrayed again.